Extreme Ironing: Top Ten Best Stunts


Ironing is for housewives? Wrong. This domestic chore has become one of the most exciting extreme sports to date. No, seriously. I’m not joking.

What next, competitive ironboarding? Laugh it up.

The website that started it all describes this hobby as: “the latest danger sport that combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well pressed shirt.”

Phil Shaw, otherwise known as ‘Steam,’ reportedly combined his love for mountain climbing and ironing one day, when he couldn’t face going home to a pile of crinkled duds. And in June 1999, set sail for a worldwide recruitment mission.

2002 saw their very first international extreme ironing competition in a village close to Munich. There they celebrated their champion, Hot Pants (still not making this up), as king of the extreme ironing world.

An extreme sport makes for extreme stunts. We’ve put together a list of ironists at the top of their game.

Mountain Ironing

Wish you could get your ironing done in less than ten seconds? This guy shows you the way with mountain board ironing!

Iron in hand, he glides down the grass hill, and pulls a sharp turn; finally sliding the iron across his shirt. In one fell swoop, the job is done.

How They Do It in the US

By land! By sea! These two extreme ironists solder themselves to the side of a multi-craft vehicle, whilst it’s still moving. That’s truly ironing on the go.

It’s a Sunny Day

So why iron inside when you can do it hanging out of your bedroom window?

This guy is an extreme ironing specialist – as you can see, properly equipped with yellow wellies, sun cap, water gun, and a bottle of beer; he’s more accessorized than the ladies at the costume jewellery site. He abseils over the balcony to iron away.

Be the Board

These two adrenaline junkies are in sky diving training: one irons, whilst the other supports the board strapped to his back. Great teamwork, guys!

In the UK, there are even competitions with a point system and a leader board, for sky dive surf ironing.


Once More into the Breach

The first single lady of our series, dips down into Egypt’s famous ‘Blue Hole.’ She succeeds in being the only ironist to have reached the bottom of this aqua geographical treasure. Loving the wonder woman t-shirt.

Skydive in Action

What initially appears to be a snowboard, strapped to his feet, becomes an ironing platform in this sky diving trick. At high altitudes though, it looks like these ironists need their cheeks, not their clothes, pressed.

Peak Ironing

These hikers have gone for a more Zen approach to extreme ironing. After a long trek, carrying domestic equipment up the New Zealand landscape, it really is cause to toast their irons.


Getting it Done in New York’s Prospect Park

Something about this video seemed like a “You’ve Been Framed” moment waiting to happen. But this American has a sort of mad genius, when it comes to his iron-friendly bike.



Emergency ironing. Ever found yourself in need of an S.O.S ironing call? This board-ready Scotsman is at your service.


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