Experiencing Watching A Railhawks Game in A Different Way

AFM Viewing party


Recently I was able to experience watching my beloved Railhawks in a new way. You see I had seen where the. Railhawks organization had posted that they were hosting a watch party for the team. They were playing an away game and they wanted fans to come out and support the team at the Mellow Mushroom.

Since I had never attended one of these parties before I decided this was another way for me to write about the Railhawks. You know another angle to this story. So I asked my friend Lacey if she would like to go with me. Luckily, she did so we had a girl’s night out. But I didn’t get out of the house without orders from my daughters, they told me if I ordered pizza I was to bring some home for them. So off we went. We were the first to arrive almost an hour early. But in our defense we had never been there before and wanted to make sure we knew where we were going.

AFM Evan

Once there we found a table and set out deciding what we wanted from the menu. There were so many good choices to decide from. About a ½ hour after we arrived, Evan, who was my original contact with the Railhawks over a year ago, arrived. He is the director of ticket sales. We spent some time talking to him. He was also the one that gave my information to Max at Title Boxing. He will moving at the end of the season  to California and for one is sad to see him go. But I wish him lots of luck.

Finally after some major deliberation we decided on our food. Yes I got the pizza. Just look at it.

AFM Pizza


The watch party was not as lively as I thought it would be. First it was pouring down rain so I think a lot of people stayed home  and second because this season the Railhawks don’t have the best road record. Up until last week they had lost or tied every  game on the road. On this particular night they lost 4-0.


If I had another chance to attend another watch party I would because I don’t think this one party was a good indication of what the watch parties are like, and secondly I think the weather had something to do with it as well.

This was a new experience for me and one that will be filed in the memory book for sure. I hope that will get a chance to attend one again in the future.

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  1. Sounds interesting! I’m normally a sports person, but I AM a food person. If I can nab yummy goodness like that, I’ll be sure to look for a watch party in my area!

  2. That sounds like a lot of fun even if it wasn’t as lively as you thought! And that pizza looks amazing!

  3. It sounds like you had fun even if the weather wasn’t great – you got a yummy pizza out of the deal 🙂

  4. A watch party sounds like so much fun! Being together with friends and having a good time takes a little bit of the sting away from losing.

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