Summer is Made For Blue Bunny

Summertime is winding down but that doesn’t mean that you cannot still advantages of all that summer has to offer. Like walks in the park, trips to the beach, hanging out by the pool, taking in a local soccer game and anything else summer has to offer.  And what goes better with summer than ice cream? More importantly  Blue Bunny Ice Cream.

Blue Bunny has such a variety that it is hard for me to choose just one flavor or kind. That normally results in us buying more than one carton or kind in one purchase. Yes I love Ice Cream and I will shout it from every rooftop.
If you are anything like me and you love all things ice cream, you love it even  better when you can save money while enjoying it. How can I save money you ask? Why by simply checking your local newspaper on Sunday August 2, for a special offer on Blue Bunny ice cream cartons, cones, sandwiches and bars that you can redeem at a store near you.

Whether it is one of their signature products or a simple ice cream sandwich, Blue Bunny Ice Cream will sure to aid in keeping the good times of summer rolling. Made in Le Mars, Iowa Blue Bunny uses fresh milk from a local dairy and turns it into yummy ice cream within 24 hours. I don’t know about you folks, but to me that is a quick turn around for something that gives so many of us pleasure.

For more information about Blue Bunny, visit their website.

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  1. Thanks for letting me know about the coupon, I will let my friends know about it too! I have never tried Blue Bunny Ice Cream so I will give it a chance. I love that the first three ingredients are real. So many ice creams are the market are actually “frozen dairy desserts” and make me so sick. I am excited to try Blue Bunny!

  2. We go through so much ice cream in the summer time!! I did know now that Blue Bunny had ice cream coupons out right now. I love their gallon buckets the flavor is great and so delicious!

  3. i love blue bunny .. its fun to eat ice cream during summer. i can’t wait to pick some

  4. Blue Bunny has great ice cream. Seriously some of the best! I love their chocolate caramel swirl. I’m sure there is a more official name but I can’t think of it. Thanks for the coupon, I’ll be using it very soon!

  5. you had a great summer! i want to try this one sounds delicious thank you for sharing

  6. We love Blue Bunny ice cream and thank you for letting us know about the coupon. I will definitely check the newspaper tomorrow. My kids love the Mini Swirls and the ice cream sandwich bars.

  7. I have never tried Blue Bunny ice cream, but I have hearing a lot about it lately! I think I might have to duck down to the shops today and see if I can find! I reckon every day in summer would be a good Bunny Blue day and like the brand name!

  8. Did domebody say ice cream??? To say that I love ice cream it is an understatement. I ate so much in the summer time, that my tongue got frozen. I have never tried any products from Blue Bunny, I love Breyers and the Trader Joe’s ice creams, but I guess it is now time to try a different brand. I am gonna look for that coupon.

  9. We love Blue Bunny! Its always been our go-to ice cream and they are usually always running a special with it. Our summers are usually filled with so much ice cream lol!

  10. this is a great post. i love this during summer heat to lessen the heat. when i eat too much of these i’m so super relaxed and super enjoy i love the feeling that you’re refreshing during summer no more sweat 😀 thank you for sharing

  11. I love Blue Bunny ice cream! There used to be a Blue Bunny plant in the town where I grew up, so we always had Blue Bunny ice cream around. They are definitely something that brings back fond memories. If I weren’t on a no-sugar kick (doctor’s orders) at the moment, I’d definitely go out and get some.

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