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winterTaking a holiday during the Christmas period used to be only for the super rich, jetting off to luxurious locations whether they were beach bound in Dubai or speeding down the ski slopes in Switzerland. The format of Christmas has changed dramatically in recent years and more people are leaving their homes behind to find the warmer climate or to experience a traditional Christmas in the UK. One of the most common ideals of a Christmas break involves a snowy setting, sitting in front of a roaring fire surrounded by family and loved ones and this explains the surge in popularity for a Christmas vacation that is a short distance from home. Holiday Parks from agents such as can offer the perfectly traditional Christmas with the added benefits that come from a holiday.


The New Holiday


For many years people have scrimped and saved to afford a two week holiday in a foreign country that offers sun, sea and sand but since the economic recession, holidays need to fulfil new desires and meet with very real restrictions. Rather than taking one holiday a year for an extended period of time, people are looking to spread out their allocated holiday dates and take 3-4 breaks a year, many of which are within the UK.


The Perfect Opportunity


Christmas is a period where many are given time off from work and school to enjoy the holiday celebrations and this provides the ideal opportunity to take time away and unite as a family. One of the biggest attractions of a holiday is the thought of having an entire family together and modern life can make this very difficult, another reason behind the sporadic and increased number of breaks most families now take.


The Reasons for a Christmas Break


People are now far more likely to take a vacation over the Christmas and New Year period with around 3 million looking to book their Christmas breaks. There are several reasons why the Christmas holiday has excelled in popularity over a summer break…

  • People are striving to create a traditional Christmas
  • For those that are not fans of the cold or the festivities, winter sun beckons
  • Christmas can become dull and mundane and a holiday will create a unique festivity celebration
  • This holiday period is all about family and a break away from modern life is the best excuse to bring the family together


The Staycation


Regular holiday periods such as the summer, half terms and Christmas can have a big impact on the cost of a break and it is often unaffordable for families.


The UK is the perfect solution for those desperate for a break yet cannot afford to fly off to a foreign country. The UK offers some beautiful areas and regions that can be the basis of one of the most loved and cherished family holidays and ideal settings to celebrate the festivities.


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