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Amorino Trifabb Event
Photo Credit Molly of Still Being Molly

Amor mean love, with that, said I know why Amorino– a chain of gelato bars across the world is named that.  One taste of their yummy gelato and you can’t help but fall in love.

I was able to experience Amorino for the first time at another Trifabb event hosted the at the new Amorino Bar  in downtown Raleigh.

I will admit that before that day, I was a gelato virgin- but I can’t say that anymore.


We were able to meet the owner, Vinty Judge and she gave us a brief history about her and why she brought the franchise to Raleigh where she lives.


Then Marsela, a corporate trainer, gave us a brief history of the company and of gelato itself.


We were able to taste test that gelato. There were so many flavors. Each blogger was able to get a flower shaped cone of gelato. Some flowers were prettier than others because of the flavors that each blogger picked.

Cards for troops
Photo Credit Molly from Still Being Molly

During the time we were eating our flower shaped gelato- we all worked on writing Christmas cards to our troops overseas.

I had emailed Molly at the beginning of the week asking if it was okay to ask the attendees to bring cards. And Molly, being a daughter of a Veteran herself, totally jumped on board.

Trifabb bloggers
Photo Credit Molly of Still Being Molly

I am happy to say that this year, I dropped off over 300 cards for our troops this year continuing the legacy that my dad left of giving back to the community. And I also want to thank Hallmark ,who once again sent cards to help with the effort.


While, we were writing the cards, we were also treated to a taste test of their gelato filled macaroons. OMG- as if the gelato wasn’t enough. These things were divine. In fact, my friend Courtney bought some of these to take home to her daughter.


And the hot chocolate there is so much different than our normal hot chocolate. It was so rich and think. Marsela set up an amazing display for the hot chocolate experience. It almost looked too good to drink. Noticed I said almost.

I will have to say that I am totally impressed with Amorino and would love to bring my family back to experience it.


[info_box type=”pale_box”]Amorino is located at 137 E Davie St in Raleigh, NC. They are opened from noon to 10 pm daily. [/info_box]


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