Exciting Ways To Give Back to the Planet

Exciting Ways To Give Back to the Planet

Spring is here, and while I have been scurrying throughout the day to tidy things up and declutter, I’ve also been contemplating ways to give back to the planet. This big ole rock we lay our feet upon makes me pause my writing to step outside and admire the chaotic beauty of each day. Rain or shine, there’s beauty in this chaos called nature.

I sat with my kids and discussed how we could declutter the house. During this conversation, one of them mentioned something that stuck with me: Why not spring clean the earth instead of our house? That seemed strange at first, y’all, but it really had me thinking and agreeing. Let’s treat spring cleaning as a way to give back to our planet. Here is a list of exciting ways to give back to the planet.

Visiting a Local Farmers Market or Sustainable Business

One of my favorite things is visiting local, sustainable businesses and farmers’ markets. It’s a pastime that saves money and supports our farmers and businesses that reuse materials to create something new.

My daughter and I enjoy doing this together and want to continue doing it to better the planet. You and your family can do the same—lookup local farms near you and buy seasonal foods to enjoy at lunch or dinner. Or, go to the next town over and explore sustainable businesses. There’s nothing like supporting local vendors to decrease carbon footprints from transporting goods.

Participating in Educational Programs

An activity my kids got me involved in recently is educational programs about the environment. I thought they would be classes I needed to bring a textbook to. But once I got there, I realized they were actually sit-down, half-an-hour lectures about planting herbs and flowers at home.

This program opened my eyes to many wondrous things—did y’all know that golden flowers AND flowering trees rely on pollination? Sunflowers and black cherry trees rely most on pollination—I was blown away by the amount of knowledge I earned from that lecture. So many insightful discussions, including a Q&A on how to plant for beginners.

I was eager to get started on this garden once I got home. Planting benefits nature greatly, including supporting our buzzy insect friends that rely on pollen to produce honey. I plan to attend another on growing herbs and flowers later this year.

Volunteering To Clean Up the Community

As my kid mentioned, we should focus our spring cleaning on improving the planet. Our planet is our home; it’s where our food grows and has many natural wonders to honestly wonder about.

I plan to ditch paper towels and use microfiber towels because they’re reusable and clean up messes faster. And I also plan to cut back on my water usage, as using too much is wasteful and raises my water bill. Spring cleaning the planet is the most exciting way to give back to Earth every day; let’s do this together! I invite all of you to set an eco-friendly intention with me.

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