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In the middle of summer, air conditioner damages and repairs are probably the very last thing you want to have on your mind. Having your AC not working properly negatively influences not only your personal comfort but also your health and body condition. What is more, many of the health risks associated with poor air quality can be considerably reduced or even eliminated by proper system installation and maintenance. A yearly inspection of your AC or heat pump system will let you avoid all the potential damages and keep the unit working up to 96% of its original efficiency for a long time. However, in case the system goes out of order, users can recover its lost efficiency owing to the service and maintenance from a qualified professional.

Whether you need assistance with central air conditioning repair, maintenance, or installation of a new central HVAC unit, myairmatics.com can help. Their team of highly qualified specialists is your best and most-trusted option for the fast and easy fixing of the AC damage. Their technicians are trained, licensed and know their business perfectly well. Minding your comfort, they have hundreds of local specialists that are always “near you” and ready to help you regardless of what your appliance emergency is.

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Airmatics has been operating in the industry for many years and has acquired the flawless reputation for excellence in its service and customer satisfaction. Our professional assistance ensures that your final decision provides you with “all-year comfort.” Our company is fully licensed and insured in AC installation, repair, and maintenance for all the brands and types of air conditioning units and mechanisms. Most importantly, Airmatics is EPA, NATE and ARC Tick certified, which means that we are authorized to handle any refrigerants and work on your air conditioning equipment without voiding your warranty.

What They Offer

  • Quality repairs to all AC brands
  • Existing system modifications
  • Old equipment replacing
  • New AC unit installation
  • Regular preventative maintenance
  • Air quality measurement (CO, CO2, RH – %)
  • Breakdown services
  • Professional advice on the most energy-efficient AC model
  • Far-ranging service area covering energy-effective thermostats
  • Office or home energy audits
  • AC diagnosis and troubleshooting

The Benefits

  • Trust-certified and qualified technicians (EPA registered and certified)
  • Fully equipped (modern equipment only) service vehicles
  • Extended warranties
  • Annual cooling service agreements
  • 24 hours a day AC repair service
  • Earthy prices
  • Free estimates and flat rate pricing
  • Strict compliance with the standard EPA refrigerant guidelines

Whether it’s central AC repair and maintenance or a new central air conditioning system to cool your home, Airmatic is the name you can definitely trust. Their highly qualified technicians are always ready to help you create your ideal comfort.

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