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In today’s times where money is as important as life, it is but natural to look for unusual ways where you can cram some extra activity in your already hectic schedule to help you earn some money. This ardent desire gets even stronger when you have to find a solution for the ever accumulating debts that refuse to leave you alone. While Christian debt settlement is an easy way out to rid yourself of the heavy debts that you may have incurred, it does have its own downfalls. For starters, you need to make some serious provision to get the money flowing into your bank account so that you can pay off your creditors and stop them from harassing you. While you may put in extra hours at your workplace trying to make more money, you must also consider these nifty tools online that can be used to supplement your income and provide some aid.

1.)   E-books:

While some writers are chasing editors and publishers to get their books published, you can look at online avenues for the same. When it comes to getting your e-book published, you need not depend on the promises of your agents as everything from creating to publishing is looked after and monitored by no one else but yourself.


If there is a particular issue that you know will enlighten people and will leave them in awe or have a story that will leave them teary eyed, you can definitely contemplate writing an E-book and publishing it online. If you are sure that certain facts and figures will blow your readers’ minds, you must sign up with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and start selling your very own e-book online to earn some quick cash. With the internet, it goes without saying that the reach is global. Therefore, if your content has the power, it is likely to have a very broad audience range.


2.)   Opting for Data Entry:

This is one area where you will always find yourself being in two minds. Data entry is often considered to be as a scam. However, while this is true on many levels, there are certain data entry jobs that are real and do pay you. You need to be alert in selecting the right one. Once you have crossed this hurdle, all you need to do is keep typing at a considerable speed to earn money. The more you type the more you earn. Besides, this type of a job is extremely flexible and you get to decide when you want to do it. However, the one pitfall of this job is the pay. It does not pay very well and therefore, the motivation to keep going is reduced.


3.)   Blogging:

Although blogging may seem like a fascinating idea, you need to be mentally prepared that it does take quite some time for your blog to belong to the established blogs category and get your blog some serious readers who would be willing to return to your website. However, you can take advantage of affiliate links and advertising that will help you earn a decent amount of money to enhance the monthly payments that you may have to make for the Christian debt settlement. The idea is to generously make use of social media to direct traffic to your blog along with a liberal sprinkling of SEO without compromising on the quality of the content.


4.)   Charge a fee for membership services:

If you boast of some specialized knowledge and are confident that it will benefit your readers, you must contemplate getting a membership website designed. Therefore, you can charge your readers a definitive fee that they’d have to pay to get access to the information on your website.

Author’s bio:

Alexandra Higgins is a stay at home mom who loves spending her time on the internet. She has helped several people find interesting ways to supplement their Christian debt settlement using the internet as a medium. She plans to write her first E-book for the same.

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