Easy Ways To Improve Internet Speed on a Budget

Easy Ways To Improve Internet Speed on a Budget from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

In good-ole 2020, you’re probably finding yourself working from home or in a very bare office. I feel your pain, as none of us saw a pandemic, but here we are. If y’all are anything like me, you probably dread spending more money on your internet than you already do. But you and I both know that a slow internet connection is unacceptable, especially if y’all are trying to work from home. Luckily, I’ve found some easy ways to improve internet speed on a budget; check ‘em out below.

Perform An Internet Speed Test

If your internet is feeling a little sluggish, it might be time for an internet speed test. These tests are simple to run and can give you a good idea of how fast (or slow) your internet connection really is.

Give the Router a Break or a Reset

Like me, we all need a break here and there; your router has the same feelings. I know it sounds crazy, but you can turn off your router. Now before y’all get mad at me for telling you to turn off the device that gives you internet access, hear me out. We’ve all heard, “Did you try unplugging it and plugging it back in?” While it sounds ridiculously simple, it works. Sometimes your router simply needs a reboot, and you’ll be back up and running.

Bring Your Router Closer

If the reset doesn’t work, either move closer to your router or bring the router closer to you. Our homes have a lot of barriers that can reduce our internet connection and speed. Barriers can range from furniture, walls, and even small appliances like microwaves that can interfere with the connection. So maybe don’t put your router in the kitchen––oops.

Make Sure Your Wi-Fi Has a Password

I know y’all (myself included) like to see the best in people but look again. Most of our friends, family, and neighbors are little thieves that like to steal our Wi-Fi when we don’t have the network password protected. Shame on us, I guess. Now that you’re checking to see if you have a password or not, make sure to choose something more––I don’t know––challenging than “password” or your pet’s name.

Connect Directly To Your Router

Sometimes going old school is better. I love telling my kids this because they never believe me, but seriously––use an ethernet cable. I know it sounds blasphemous in the digital age where everything is wireless, but connecting directly to your router can seriously boost your internet speed. Most of y’all probably have an ethernet cable lying around your house; just make sure there aren’t any signs you need a new one.

I know it drives me crazy when my computer takes forever, and I’m sure y’all are the same way! As you can see, all these ways to improve internet speed are really easy and likely won’t cost you anything or very little if you need an ethernet cable.

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