Stunning See-Through Electric Fireplaces

Stunning See-Through Electric Fireplaces from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Lots of people think about investing in an electric fireplace for their homes.  Very few, however, consider the impact a see-through electric fireplace can have. These stunning see-through electric fireplaces provide more bang for your buck.  Plus, they are perfect to wow your guests and add some serious class to your space.

Basic Information

Electric fireplaces offer a fireside ambiance without any of the hassle.  They don’t require any cleanup, and your fire is just a push of a button away.  Most of the time, the buttons will be on a remote control so you can control your fire from the comfort of your couch.

Electric fireplaces offer a heat output that can be used as supplemental heat to your home.  You can usually choose no heat or adjust a thermostat for year-round comfort.

Many electric fireplaces are wall-mounted, but a see-through electric fireplace is wall recessed and is a bit more unique.  You install it in a wall and it can be enjoyed from the rooms on either side of the wall.  Check out a full product review here.

Where to Install a See-Through Fireplace

See-through fireplaces can be installed in a wall or partial wall separating two spaces.  This allows the fire to be enjoyed from both spaces.

You’ll want to hire a professional to help you choose a spot for this fireplace.  The last thing you’d want to do is install it yourself and damage one of your home’s support beams.

Once you have some ideas, think about where the fireplace will be.  Because the fireplace will be in two spaces, it’s very important to think through how it will look.  Here are some good questions to ask yourself:

  • Even if it is in a good place in one room, is it tucked into a corner in the other room?
  • Will I have to rearrange my furniture or television to face the fireplace?
  • Will I have to remove items hanging on or resting against a wall if I put the fireplace here?
  • How will the ambiance of an electric fireplace affect my current decor?

How to Decorate around a See-Through Electric Fireplace

Once your new electric fireplace is installed, you’ll want to think about how to arrange your furniture and other decors.  You may even want to invest in a few new pieces to fit your new fireplace seamlessly into your living space.

You have two main styling choices.  You can make the see-through fireplace the focal point of your viewing area, or it can be more of an accent.

If you’d like it to be the focal point, rearrange your furniture so that it faces the fireplace.  If you have a TV, mount it just above the fireplace.

If you want the fireplace to be more of a modern, casual accent, consider installing it in the wall opposite the wall all your furniture faces.  It still adds ambiance, but your furniture doesn’t all point to it.

How to Choose

When trying to decide on an electric fireplace, there are some important considerations.  First, you’ll want a high-quality fireplace to last for years to come.  Look for stainless steel as this is quite durable.

You may want to purchase an insert with variable color options and flame speeds.  Many electric fireplaces come with the option to choose your flame color and adjust the height from a slow glow to a full blaze.

In addition, think about the customer service the company offers.  If you have any issues with installation or maintenance, you want to get clear answers quickly.

Final Thoughts

See-through electric fireplaces can effortlessly enhance the ambiance in two of your rooms for the price of one fireplace.  They are efficient, safe, and easy to operate.

More importantly, these stunning see-through electric fireplaces add unique style to your space.  So what are you waiting for?  Grab your see-through electric fireplace today!

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