Ditch the Ick of the Deodorant Bandit #TRYDRY

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Yesterday was good day. I got up, showered and got dressed and went to meet one of best girlfriends for coffee. I was feeling pretty good. I had on a simple black shirt, blue jeans, my favorite pair of shoes, and black socks. To add a little color into my outfit I topped it off with a blue and white striped infinity scarf.  After dropping Gracie off at school, I arrived to the coffee shop early, which I planned on to sneak in a little quiet reading time. As I got out of my car I looked down at my black shirt I was like what in the world. There were white streaks all over it. Yep the dreaded markings of the deodorant bandit strikes again.

Deodorant Bandit

How many times has this happened to you? It seems like every time I wear black this happens. I wish I had thought to use the deodorant that I had given my daughter in the beginning of the week. It is a new brand of dry spray deodorants from the makers of Dove and Degree. I will admit that I am having deodorant envy now. I have thought about going in her room and stealing it back while she is asleep. Don’t judge sometimes a mom has got to do what a mom has to do.

My daughter loves how easy it is to use. She is so happy that she has been able to say good bye to the deodorant bandit. Wish I could say the same thing. Guess the saying is true you don’t know what you have until it is gone.

So if you are looking to say good bye to the deodorant bandit than check out the New Dry Spray Antiperspirants from Degree Men, Degree Women, Dove, Dove Men+Care, and Axe available at Walmart. And ditch the ick of the deodorant bandit and enjoy 24 hour protection.

So tell me have you ever met the deodorant bandit?

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  1. I wear a lot of darker clothes (usually navy) and I think the deodorant stains are SO annoying! I’ve never tried the dry spray.

  2. Looks like my shirts. I have to take a damp wash cloth and clean them off. So annoying.

  3. I tried the Degree dry spray in powder scent and I love it! It really lasts (even through kickboxing)!!

  4. I have the Dove Dry Spray and like it fairly well. It is ok for non active days. I just wish it offered a little more dryness and odor protection for heavy workouts.

  5. These look amazing. I am sure so worth trying. I am always looking for ways to save my clothing.

  6. I generally use Dove stick deodorant. I would like to try this spray on one which sprays on dry. I will keep my eyes open and look for it-I have yet to see it in the stores.

  7. I keep hearing about these dry sprays but I have yet to check them out. I have been meaning to pick them up when I am at the store.

  8. Isn’t it great? I started using it last month and love how my underarms feel. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  9. I haven’t tried a spray deodorant yet, but I’m not opposed to it! Thanks for sharing about this one!

  10. I am super allergic to many deodorants but I haven’t tried a spray one recently. I am going to keep them on my radar!

  11. this seems to be the latest phenomenon in beauty. while i don’t have a problem with the traditional ones .. its great to try new things

  12. I may have to give this brand a try. I recently had to switch brands because the one I was using was giving me the wet look even though I wasn’t sweating. I didn’t like it.

  13. I have not heard of these but I would love to try them out. I think my husband would love these too. Stains can be a problem for both of us.

  14. I like these sprays. Hubby says he likes them too but the Degree is too ‘flowery’ for him. I’ll be looking for Axe next time we head to the store, I see that’s in a spray too!

  15. I wear black a lot and I absolutely hate the white streaks deodorant leaves. I would have totally taken it back, too! Hehe! Deodorant envy… so funny!

  16. I hate the icky white stuff myself so this is something that I can definitely invest in and 2 products that I use as well.

  17. Since becoming a SAHM, deodorant stains have not hit me so hard, but that’s mainly because I don’t wear it everyday. I also hate the stains, so it’s stressful when I’m going somewhere nice. I’ll have to check this out.

  18. I wear a lot of black. I would love to not have to worry about white stains on my clothes. I will have to try the dry spray.

  19. I’m thinking it’s time I try deodorant spray. I’ve been using the stick for many years and even the brands that says “no white marks” ends up making marks on my shirts lol

  20. I swear every deoderant I try leaves that on me and it drives me insane! I need to try this one out!

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