Day 4: Internet Still Down

Don’t you hate when you depend on things to much well lately that has been me and computers. Ugh Right now I am ready to throw mine out the door or at least the Internet. Somehow something went wrong with the email system and router not sure what I just hope it will be fixed by this weekend. Because of this I have not been able to check email or get on and post like I want or need to do. My time on the computer has been very limited because I have to go to my mom’s to get on when I can and lately it has been alot. As I have said before I have set up another email account just for you my blog readers in case you have questions or concerns or need to reach me. That email is once again adventuresfrugalmom at yahoo dot com. If you need me for anything this is the best place to reach me. Hopefully whatever is wrong will be cleared up before the weekend is up or hopefully by next week. Thanks for being such understanding fans.

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