How to Create Your Own Fairy Garden

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How to create your own fairy garden

I have lost count how many times as I am scrolling through my Facebook feed, I see something I want to try or share. I always screenshot the post and add it to my list of to do items to use. But then I promptly forget to do them and I am faced with a ton of photos on my phone. (Don’t laugh, you know you do it too.) But when I was given the opportunity to review some items to make a fairy garden, I jumped at the chance. I will say that making a garden has been on my to-do list for a while. So, sit back and relax as I am going to tell you how this cute little fairy garden that now sits on my front steps came to be.

I will admit that I procrastinated with this post, as I couldn’t find the right container for it. I finally find a container that totally fit the bill. Can you believe that it is used to bury pets? Several of these were sent to me for a post, that will be coming soon but there is just so much you can do with it. Besides, I like the way it looked kind of like a bathtub so I went for it. The first thing I did was spray paint it red. (you know I love my spray paint. And then my husband, who is so much handier than I am, screwed the lid on the bottom to make a stand for it.

Fairy Garden Bridge

Next, I went to work adding dirt. There were a few items that I picked up at our local dollar store to add the garden.  The sunflowers and the little plants were all from there.

Tree of life Fairy Garden

Next up was trying to figure out a design for the garden. That is where my screenshot came into play. I had seen a craft using stones to make a tree and I knew that I wanted to recreate it in my garden. Trees are life and so uplifting.

Gracie design Fairy Garden

So, on one Wednesday night, Gracie and I set out to design our garden. Of course, we had a little help from Allie as she always must stick her nose into everything. So, once we had the tree laid out we started adding items to our design.

Fairy Garden

I wish I could take credit for the design after that but that was all Gracie. Once she set out the fairy and all her stuff, I was able to set out the lavender stalks and the rocks we had painted one rainy night. Notice anyone in the garden. Yep, we painted an Allie rock. Each rock that we painted represented someone in the family, fur babies as all.

Allie and kitty painted rock Fairy Garden

So that is how our fairy garden came to be. Tell me do you have a fairy garden at your house?

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