Buying Guide to Aid in Your Lowboy Trailer Selection

Buying Guide to Aid in Your Lowboy Trailer Selection from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

If you are looking to buy a lowboy trailer for your business, it is critical to buy the right trailer type so you can address your business concerns. This is a major investment that requires a bit of capital, so you can’t be flippant about making this decision.

From choosing a flatbed trailer to a drop deck trailer, figure out what type of lowboy trailer you need, so you can continually haul heavy equipment and succeed in fulfilling the requests of your clients. Here’s what you need to know when you are looking to buy a lowboy trailer. 

Pick Your Type

There are different kinds of lowboy trailers, and all of them come with their corresponding pros and cons. There’s a lowboy flatbed trailer with one drop after the gooseneck, which is great for transporting regular to heavy cargo but cannot be used for shipment with high height. In contrast, a double drop deck trailer has a low platform that’s great for carrying super heavy equipment and other cargo that are high. 

Additionally, there’s an adjustable gooseneck trailer that’s lightweight, fixed gooseneck, or removable gooseneck with their various specifications. Understanding the unique features of the prospective trailer you are looking to buy is crucial for addressing your business concerns. If you use the wrong model, you can potentially damage it with your cargo, forcing you to make pricey repairs continually. Apart from the costs, the downtime will give you a headache and cut your profits. 

Look for Premium Materials

Examine the materials used to make lowboy trailers you like. Premium quality materials can bear the weight of your heavy cargo. You also want something durable that will withstand harsh environmental elements. Usually, these trailers are made out of high-strength steel or aluminum. 

Note that aluminum has a lower yield strength. However, it is more lightweight, which will influence your gas consumption positively, and it will not rust. The caveat is that aluminum is a bit more expensive than steel. Aluminum can only bear cargo up to 50 tons in weight, whereas rust-prone steel can carry heavier loads. 

Select Your Suspension

Additionally, don’t overlook crucial features such as suspension systems, braking mechanisms, and lighting options when selecting something like a lowboy gooseneck trailer Big Spring Texas, or your local area. High-quality suspension systems enhance ride stability by distributing weight evenly across all axles during transport. Reliable braking mechanisms offer increased control and safety during sudden stops or emergency maneuvers. Furthermore, ensuring proper lighting options such as bright LED lights ensures visibility on highways while complying with local regulations.

When choosing a lowboy trailer, whether a flatbed or drop deck trailer design, you will have many options when it comes to the suspension system, such as rigid, air ride mechanical, and single point. All of these options have significant benefits and downsides. For instance, a mechanical suspension is excellent for heavy-duty trailers as they remain stable, with load distribution remaining constant because it keeps the axles horizontal at all times. A rigid suspension is great as heavy-duty lowboy trailers depend on one wheel to move the others. 

In addition, an air ride suspension is costly but so much lighter than the other, with the stiffness of the spring adjusting to cargo weight. Meanwhile, a single-point suspension can bear an impressive 100 tons. The suspension you pick will hinge on the weight capacity of your chosen trailer and your budget. 

Examine the Tires

Lowboy trailers use either tube tires or tubeless tires, depending on your trailer use. Tube tires can easily navigate tough terrain while supporting a lot of weight because they are pressurized. However, this is prone to blowouts with just a small puncture. They also have quite a short service life. Check for the term “Load Index,” which might help you in knowing the load-bearing capacity of the tires. 

On the other hand, tubeless tires slowly release air and do not blow out. They have good wear resistance and long life. However, they may not be suitable for super heavy loads because they are not pressurized. They also cannot handle rough roads. Tubeless tires are hard to repair, unlike tube ones that can be patched quickly. 

Weight Bearing Capacity

Lowboy trailers are usually categorized by tonnage. This refers to how many tons they can carry. Do note that the real load capacity is determined based on the net carrying capacity, apart from the weight of the cargo on the trailer itself. 

For instance, if your trailer itself is 25,000 pounds, and it has a 25-ton (50,000 pounds) carrying capacity, then you can only move 25,000 pounds. You must take the total weight into the picture and make the necessary computations when you are buying a lowboy trailer. Don’t forget to factor in what you carry because your trailer should be able to bear and haul that load. 

Factor in the Mechanism

A detachable gooseneck lowboy trailer will either be hydraulic or mechanical. Most businesses pick hydraulic because it allows you to lower and lift your deck easily using cylinders. Even if you have a tall item, you can keep the center of gravity low, making the item stable. However, this system adds a bit of weight to your trailer, so it decreases the carrying capacity. 

On the other hand, mechanical trailers are a bit more complex to operate, but they are much lighter than their counterparts, requiring less maintenance and less expensive, too.

Final Word

If you are shopping for a lowboy trailer, take your cargo into the picture and not just the specifications of the trailer you are buying. Look at possible future issues, along with regular maintenance costs. After you analyze these factors, along with the features of your prospective trailer, you can make an informed choice that you won’t regret. 

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