Fun Things To Do at the Beach at Night

Fun Things To Do at the Beach at Night

If your kids have had cabin fever all winter, they’ll be raring to go once the weather’s better. Most activities might not be safe again for a while, but there is one way to enjoy the outdoors and steer clear of other people. When everyone else is asleep, go to the beach! If y’all don’t mind keeping the little ones up late, you can share some family time and eliminate the daytime crowds. I’ve got a list of fun things to do at the beach at night that are guaranteed to burn off all that energy.

Watch the Sunset

If you can get them to slow down for a few minutes, you can kick things off by watching the sun sink into the water. Point out the changing colors and remind them that it means that the earth is turning away from the sun for the night. Encourage them to take photos of the sky changing, or get some of your kids’ silhouettes. Take a big breath… and let the festivities begin.

Build a Bonfire

Rare is the child who says no to a good fire, and this is an opportunity to teach them how to build one and respect its power. If you have a child who’s anxious about fire, this is a chance to show them how to use it safely. If they’re not awed by this survival skill, remind them that on “Survivor” it could make them a million dollars. However, there is one thing to be aware of, y’all: fires mean s’mores, so forget the chocolate at your own risk.

Gig for Flounder

I can’t say that I’ve tried this one myself, mainly because I’m usually wary of anything that involves kids and spears. But a gig is really more like a small trident, so if you’ve been able to trust your kids with a fondue fork or marshmallow roasting stick, they might be ready for this. The idea is to walk along the waterline with a light, looking for flounder that appear to be dormant in the shallows. They’re camouflaged in the sand until your light reflects off the fish’s eyes—that’s when you strike. Boom! Your kids have caught dinner. Even without a gig, probing the ocean with light is an amazing way to show kids different species of fish in their native habitats.

Flashlight Scavenger Hunt

Most of the fun things to do at the beach at night require some kind of illumination, so if you’re worried about getting sand or water into your flashlights, use a plastic wrap or baggie to protect them. Then hand them out for a rousing scavenger hunt that will awaken their competitive spirit. Send them running for just about anything: shells, driftwood, feathers, or another adult to help Mommy juggle all the kids. Why not spread the fun around?

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