Be Prepared When Waiting with Kids



Waiting in a doctor’s office can be an interesting ordeal – they have nothing for people to look at or see and in some offices it is like you are at mini spa with massage chairs, snacks and a TV to watch while you are waiting. Most of the time I come prepared at a Doctor’s office because I never know what to expect. I have either a craft to work on or a book to read to past the time. But on the oft chance I forget to bring something- I pass the time people watching. You can tell a lot about people in a doctor’s office and believe you me I have been to quite a few in the past several months for drug tests for work, to physicals for work, to health issues with my 3 daughters ages 17,14, and 10 and for my own issues with my back.

In all the doctor’s offices there are always 2 types of people waiting to be seen. They will be characterized as Peas and Carrots. The peas are those that arrive early for appointments and wait patiently for their appointment time. Sometimes their doctor is running late but it doesn’t seem to bother them. They are the ones who think to bring something to do or they past the time by having conversations with other patients. They are so prepared I bet if you looked far enough back in their lives they were probably boy and girl scouts as children. They take what struggles life gives them and make those struggles work for them.

Then there are the carrots. You know who I am talking about these are the ones who arrive either right on time without a minute to spare or late. They are not prepared for a long wait and then proceeds to let everyone in the waiting room know how long they have been waiting. They don’t seem to realize that they are wasting their life complaining and wanting everyone to do something for them that they sometimes miss out on the precious little moments that we can never regain.

If you haven’t noticed most people (at least in my house) do not like to eat peas, but we love to devour carrots especially with ranch dressing yum. But I digress. So in being a pea you do not run the risk of the world devouring those precious little moments that you will never get back and find out that you cherish those times when you sit and watch life’s little moments because soon you will find they are few and far between.As for me I am going to be a pea, and I am off to my kitchen to get some carrots with ranch dressing. Until next time.

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