Community Outreach With The Railhawks

Caleb Norkus is another Carolina Railhawks player that I had an opportunity to meet. You can read more about my experiences here  and here . Caleb is another player that is living out his dream playing for the hometown crowd. He is recovering from surgery so he is working with the Railhawks in their community outreach program. He fell in love with the game of soccer at the age of four. He said that he was the ball boy at local soccer games and when the ball went out of bounds he would dribble the ball and play with it. The players who were actually playing ended up having to chase him to get the soccer ball back.

He has experience playing in other countries, but has to admit that it was tough not being able to see his family. While playing overseas he missed the birth of his nieces and his Grandmother passing away from cancer. (He was in Chile at the time.)

Caleb went to school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and graduated with a degree in communications. He said that his parents were the foundation for him to finish his degree. They are both teachers.

The best advice that he could give to younger players is to have faith. In fact, Norkus stated that you should consider your dreams and goals and take action. Also you have to believe and work for it because it does not happen by itself.

He met his wife through the Railhawks. She sings the National Anthem before each home game. How sweet is that?? Living your lifelong dream of playing in front of your hometown crowd and meeting your wife at one of those games.

The major thing that stuck with me about Caleb was his deep faith in God. He lives his life day by day because he knows that God has a plan for him.

This is the latest in my installment about the amazing time that I had with the Railhawks.

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