Common Parenting Mistakes That Suck the Fun From Vacation and How to Avoid Them

Common Parenting Mistakes That Suck the Fun From Vacation and How to Avoid Them

Would you like your next family vacation to be a whole lot more fun than the last? Be on the lookout for a few parenting mistakes that commonly wreck holiday good times. If you’re not sure what we mean by that, don’t worry. In the interest of happy family vacations, we are pleased to present the following tips and tricks to lighten the mood and make a vacation fun for everyone.

Quantity vs. quality

According to parenting pros at Parents magazine, a common mistake that many parents make is over-packing, especially where toys are concerned. Sure, you may think that the more amusements you bring along, the happier your child will be. This is not the way things usually turn out. A couple of weeks before your travel date, stash away a few of your kid’s favorite small toys. When you present them with a plaything they’ve been missing for a while, they may be more apt to sit still and focus during an extended road trip or airplane ride.

Another way parents goof is when they pack the wrong clothes for their kids. When little ones are forced to wear sweaters to the beach or sport summertime shorts to the ice skating rink, crankiness can ensue. Fortunately, this problem has a relatively easy fix. Use one of the handy Apalon Apps for Android to obtain an accurate weather forecast for whichever city, region or country you intend to visit. Knowing if rain is expected or whether the weather will be cooperative and clear can make a big difference between a super fun family vacation and a holiday that frustrates everyone.

Not letting kids in on travel itinerary planning

If you want your kids to enjoy your family vacation, allow them to participate in planning an itinerary. No, you don’t have to let the children decide every sight you’ll see or every activity you’ll do, but letting the kids choose a portion of family activities can go a long way toward ensuring the delight of all family members whilst vacationing.

A way to go about doing this is to google the place you will be vacationing to and let your children see what there is to offer, and then decide from there where you will be going. For instance, if you were visiting Boston, Massachusetts, you would search for the best things to do in Boston.

Apps that make family vacationing more fun

Parenting magazine notes that digital tablet devices can provide a world of amusement for kids in back seats and otherwise traveling with their parents. School-age kids may enjoy downloading digital books from the local library or watching movies on Netflix or another tablet-friendly app.

Some of the most entertaining amusements for kids on vacation do not involve computers or smartphones at all. Old-fashioned road games such as “I Spy with My Eye” and “Slug Bug” can provide hours of family fun for members of all ages. Trying to spot license plates from all fifty states is another family-friendly game that can make a long tedious road ride go far more quickly.

If you are a family that enjoys hanging out together, heed this simple advice to keep the fun levels high when you vacation as a happy group.

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  1. I like the point you made on allowing the kids also to participate on planning the itinerary. I think this makes a lot of difference in the minds of kids.

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