Clothing Items Worth Investing In

Clothing Items Worth Investing In from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Have you ever looked at your closet and thought, “I could get along with just those five things. What’s all this other stuff doing here?”? Spring’s approaching, and y’all, I’m in a purge ’n’ splurge mood. I’m thinking about getting rid of the dated pieces of clothing I rarely wear and replacing them with clothing items worth investing in. Why not spend a bit more money upfront on the things I’d wear all the time and be able to wear them forever? Here’s what I mean:


I’ve heard of women who spend decades trying to find the perfect pair of jeans. Those denim darlings always seem to be too tight, too baggy, too high at the waist or low at the hip, or too long or short in the legs. By a certain age, we all should have solved the “straight leg or bootcut?” issue and figured out whether stonewashed or dark indigo looks best. So, when I finally find that perfect-fitting pair of jeans, I’m buying three pairs. No, five. Olay, maybe just three. But definitely more than one.

Good Winter Coat

A good camel coat will last forever. Choose a flattering style—double- or single-breasted, notch or shawl collar… whatever you know looks good on you. Select a weight that’s warm enough but not too warm so that you can layer underneath or add shawls or scarves on top. Old Reliable will be there in the closet, waiting for the fall chill or the winter snow, and it will never go out of style. I mean it. Look in your frugal Mom’s closet—see that coat? She bought it 40 years ago, and it still looks great.

Black Trousers

A great pair of black pants can go to work, to the PTA meeting, out to dinner, and to the ballgame without missing a beat. Choose a comfortable, three-season fabric, and keep the pants clean and pressed. You’ll never regret spending a little more to look this good. 

Linen Blouse

The perfect topper for those fabulous black trousers is an oversized linen blouse. It can go everywhere those pants go and make them look classic and comfy at the same time. Remember Katherine Hepburn?  She looked amazing in trousers and a big, white linen shirt. 

Fitted Bra

Take it from me, y’ all—if you don’t get the underthings right, dresses and blouses will quickly lose their charm. Spend a little on a bra fitting (odds are you’ve been wearing the wrong size for years), and take good care of this vital bit of infrastructure by handwashing it. It’s worth it.

Well-Made Socks

They’re stylish and fun, but socks are also essential clothing items worth investing in. Quality socks have a number of benefits, including keeping your feet healthy. When paired with a good pair of athletic shoes, they also cushion the pounding your feet take when you’re walking all over town or doing your morning run. Custom socks are fun ways to support your favorite team, too. 


Throw on a classic navy or houndstooth blazer over a collared shirt with jeans, and voilà! You’re ready for an office meeting, a ladies’ lunch, or a parent-teacher conference.

Purge the stuff you hardly ever wear and splurge on a few of these wardrobe essentials. Enjoy the newfound roominess of your dresser drawers and closets—not to mention the relief on your pocketbook when you don’t have to go back and replace these items every year.

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