10 Best Beach Outfit Ideas For Fashionista

10 Best Beach Outfit Ideas For Fashionista from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

A beach vacation is a perfect time to flaunt your bikini body. But you would not want to wear a bikini every time you step on the beach. Packing the right outfits can just do the trick for you if dressing differently through the holiday is your motive. While you must have some stunning swimsuits for the vacation, there are certain outfits and mix-and-match options that you can carry for a versatile beach look. Here are some amazing beach outfit ideas that fashionistas can try out on the next holiday. 

Cute Short Dresses

If you want to have all eyes on you from the moment you walk on the beach, step out in a cute short dress. They make you look charming and feel comfortable as well. You can enjoy the waves lapping your feet without needing to worry about getting your dress wet. Try trendy styles such as ruffled and off-shoulder outfits. You can pick ones in solid colors, pretty floral prints, and eye-catching polka dot patterns.

Printed Maxi Dresses 

A printed maxi dress would be a perfect pick if you love delicate, feminine styles. Invest ones in quick-dry fabrics because these dresses are bound to get wet when you step into the water. Look for gorgeous floral prints because they add a fresh vibe to your look. The best thing about maxi outfits is that they combine elegance with unmatched comfort.

Shorts with a Crop Top

Another outfit that makes an amazing beach companion is a pair of shorts teamed with a short crop top. The ensemble not only makes you look like a stunner but also serves as a beach-friendly option. You can even wear your bikini top with the shorts instead of the crop top. Super easy and good looking, that’s what defines this cool ensemble! 

Shorts with Swimsuit

What if you don’t want to walk out of your hotel room in a bathing suit but still want to wear it to the beach so that you don’t have to look for a place to change? Just team up your bathing suit with matching Planet Blue shorts to make a smart combo for the beach. All you need to do at the beach is take off the shorts and you are ready for a swim.

A Button-down Shirt with Bikini

Another ready-for-the-beach outfit is a button-down shirt worn over your bikini. It makes a smart idea just like the swimsuit with shorts combination as you only need to throw off your shirt and jump into the sea. Most importantly, you will not feel embarrassed when you walk or ride a taxi from your hotel to the beach. Just make sure that your shirt matches the bikini you wear underneath.

Crochet Dress

Try wearing a crochet dress over your bikini and you will definitely steal the show. The airy crochet outfits make you feel light and easy on the beach and you can simply slip out of the dress and head for the sea. You can also wear a crochet top with a pair of shorts or a skirt instead of a dress.

Short Skirt with an Off-Shoulder Top

If beachwear is not your style, you can still make a statement with a short skirt and an off-shoulder top. Try a micro length skirt to make it easy to wade in the water. You can opt for an above-knee length if you want to stick with a less-revealing style. For the top, choose one made in a bright color and breezy fabric that is easy on the skin.

Wrap-around Skirt with a Bikini

Another cool skirt style that you can flaunt on the beach is wrap-around. As the name implies, you can simply wrap and tie the skirt around your waist to cover your bikini bottom. Stick to the bikini top along with this skirt style and be the diva you are. 

Swim Cover-up

The attire that covers you up while giving you the opportunity to flaunt your curves is a swim cover-up. Look for one that is made in sheer fabric and team it with a neon-color bikini underneath to get all the attention you deserve. You will surely look like a fashion goddess! 


An unusual yet lovely outfit for the beach is a kimono. You can team it with a pair of denim shorts and a tank top and you are all set to rock the beach look like never before. This ensemble is a great idea for plus-sized women as it accentuates their curves while covering up the imperfections.

Now that you have a complete list of beach outfits for your next vacation, there’s no need to complain about the limited choices!

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