How to Choose Boots and Shoes That Suit Your Personality

How to Choose Boots and Shoes That Suit Your Personality from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

The right pair of shoes can make or break an outfit. Some people do not realize this and concentrate on the rest of their looks and neglect their feet, but people really do notice a sharp pair of shoes. If you’re looking for product reviews and buying guides dedicated solely for shoes, then best check out They will help you choose the perfect pair of shoes not just for your feet but also for your personality and style.

Here are some ideas to narrow down the kind of boots and shoes you are stepping out in.

1. Practical Or Fun?

What kind of shoes are you looking for? What is the occasion? Of course, you can buy shoes at any time, but most often you are going to be thinking about why you need a new pair of brogues or skate shoes.

Is this something that you need to be able to wear for a long time, or is it a one and done kind of thing? Or something that you are going to wear when you go dancing versus something you are doing a lot of walking in.

Some shoes are going to be able to double up for more than one activity, but some will definitely not.

2. Comfortable Or Athletic?

Are these shoes that you just want to sit around in that you are thinking of buying, or do you need to run a half marathon in them?

Your lifestyle may be sedentary, and you are looking to change that up, and you need to get some shoes that match that intention. Whether you need new running shoes or canvas sneakers, get what feels good.

You may just need something that you can happily sit around in that keeps your feet cool while looking cool as well.

Comfortable and athletic do also work together – but there is going to be some difference depending on what kind of athletic activity you are involved in.

3. Flamboyant Or Conservative?

Are you a little edgy? Do you like to be different? Are you going to be a trend-setter and buying something that makes other people take a step back, or are you looking to get shoes or boots that help you step back and blend in?

Some people want to take chances with their fashion, or to make a statement, and so they are totally down to buy shoes that not only draw the eye but which shout out that you are off the peg fashion-wise. Are you looking to be fashion-forward?

4. What Do Your Idols Wear?

Are you a sneakerhead? Or maybe you like to follow the latest trends on the red carpet? There are a whole host of ideas that you can get from looking at your style icons.

Maybe you are rocking something favored by Taylor Swift, or you are more old school and wearing your Adidas like Run DMC. Perhaps you are emulating New York Fashion Week. There are shoes for every occasion, and you shouldn’t limit yourself.

You can get some great ideas from a site like, taking all the ideas you have gathered from watching the stars, and finding something that matches.


There are a lot of boots and shoes out there to choose from. Finding one place, like Stridewise where you can check all the boxes and find whatever style fits your mood is great. What you have on your foot is important – you do want it to be comfortable, and you really do want it to look good.

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