Riding Clothes Provide Comfort, Security, and Style on Horseback

Riding Clothes Provide Comfort, Security and Style on Horseback from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

As expert equestrians know, high-level horsemanship depends on more than skill alone. Good gear is also a must, both for the horse and the rider. Designated riding clothes enhances equestrians’ ease and safety in the saddle, not to mention their style.


Generally, riding clothes are made for either the English or Western riding style. Their designs differ significantly, but their functions are basically similar.

Take pants, for example. Formal European riding breeches are skin-tight below the knee, and most only come up to about mid-calf, below which tall riding boots are traditionally worn. Many have tough leather patches on the knee and the seat to better secure a rider’s position in the saddle. The tight design prevents friction, and allows for more fluid movement.

Western cowboys, on the other hand, use chaps for much the same purposes. Although equally tight, chaps are made entirely of leather, have no seat and are fastened over a rider’s regular pants. This makes them ideal for hard, informal use, particularly protecting the legs while riding through the thorny thickets of the American range.


Riding coats are thick, durable garments that protect riders’ underclothes from the muck stirred up by the hooves of their mounts, with padding to provide a cushion in case of falls. This is especially useful in rainy, muddy countries such as Britain, where the mackintosh was invented. With a layer of rubber placed between two layers of cloth, the standard was set for modern waterproof riding wear. When browsing contemporary riding jackets, you’ll find that their insulating features don’t detract from their status as fashion items.


Riding boots are built to keep feet safe and secure. Their well-defined heels stop slippage of the feet while in stirrups, but in a fall, their flat soles will slide straight through without a snag so the feet aren’t unnaturally twisted. They also tend to be tougher in the toe for added protection on the ground.

English boots extend almost to the knee, except for the ankle-length sort worn with jodhpurs. They may be laced at the top to encourage greater ankle flexibility.

Cowboy boots commonly have higher heels, and only reach about halfway up the calf. While all riding boots were traditionally leather, stylish cowboy boots are also made from snake skin or alligator hide.

Riding clothes can be both functional and fashionable. Furthermore, they’re essential to equestrians’ overall success. Shop for apparel that suits your physical needs along with your fashion sense.

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