Choosing the Right Paint Color for Every Room

right color to paint room

Decorating the house can be an exciting time, but it can also prove costly when you factor in all the furniture, fixtures and fittings it takes to give each room a fresh new look. This is why many people opt for neutral colored furnishings from the start so that they can simply redo the paint when it is time for a freshen-up or a change of feel. Unfortunately, this too can become pricey if you make a mistake, coating an entire room in a hue that shortly proves to be inappropriate for the feeling you desire. When painting any room in your home, it is important to get the color right before you start.

Naturally, you’ll think about buying tester cans or using a computer simulation to figure in advance whether or not a color works for any given room. But how do you settle on a shortlist of appropriate colors in the first place? Well, science is on hand to give you a clue.

We know that every color comes with its own psychological effect, and this can be a very useful tool to wield when it comes to picking a shade. Red, for example, is very passionate color, but it also promotes feelings of love and of comfort. Decorate your dining room in ‘pepper red’, and it is sure to become a real social hub, as this shade can also add a sociable feel to a room and promote lively feelings. No more silent mealtimes for this family!

A new infographic from Pound Place provides a useful look at which colors produce which feelings, with helpful suggestions as to the rooms they might work best. It also includes a handy guide to the complementary colors you might want to look into when choosing other furnishings to go with your choice of paint. Choose carefully, and you won’t need to splash out again anytime in the near future!

The Right Paint Color for Every Room

The Right Paint Color for Every Room, courtesy of HomeAdvisor


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