Different Sensory Activities You Can Do With Your Infant

Different Sensory Activities You Can Do With Your Infant

When your new baby enters the world, their senses begin to receive information. I don’t want y’all to overthink this process, though. There are several different sensory activities you can do with your infant that require minimal effort and encourage them to explore. Let’s look at a few activities you can do right at home, wherever you and your baby like to play.

Mirror Play

Something as simple as setting up a mirror for your infant to see themselves can help them gain a sense of self-awareness. This helps their visual senses, and as they grow, they can begin to understand bodily placement for the nose, eyes, and lips. Lie with them on the floor in front of the mirror and make silly faces to practice facial reactions and recognition of emotions.

Musical Toys

As your baby grows, their sensory skills develop more and more. When you think about what toys to buy, consider toys that will continue to adapt as your baby’s play changes. Musical toys are excellent sources of motor skill development and listening practice. Listening to music is one of the best ways for your baby to develop hearing and begin working on their imagination. And as they age into toddlerhood, it’s a way for them to expand their imagination.

Texture Boards

Developing a sense of touch with varying textures can significantly benefit your baby’s stimulation. The touch sense is exciting for an infant as they explore the new world around them and begin to work on their grasping techniques. Compile various items such as cotton balls, tree leaves, a clean sponge, or wood blocks and create a texture board your baby can touch and explore independently. Simple things around the home work great, y’all.


A different sensory activity you can do with your infant is finger-painting. This is one of my favorites, y’all. Right out of the gate, this sounds like a mess—but an easy way to encourage an infant to finger-paint is to place a sheet of paper in a clear gallon storage bag with a few drops of paint, seal the bag real good, and let your baby move the paint around. This activity is exceptionally great during tummy time, and it allows your baby to explore many senses, including touch, sight, and hearing. What’s even better is that this activity grows with them to evolve into actual finger-painting, with no baggie needed.

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