7 Tips to Help Successfully Conquer Your First Escape Room

7 Tips to Help Successfully Conquer Your First Escape Room from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Escape rooms have become a growing trend, a new pastime to spend with friends. However, it’s a game of strategy and hardwork. It takes more than participation to solve the puzzle and win the game. It takes focus and some tricks of the trade. Here are 7 tips that can help you conquer your first escape room:

1.Pick the Right Team

Believe it or not, but the team you decide to go into the escape room is crucial to the outcome of your game. Surround your team with people that you know well and are comfortable with. A smaller team is sometimes better when it comes to decision making as there are fewer opinions and different thoughts. Also, pick people that have different personality traits that can be helpful when it comes to situations like these – try to include a thinker, visionary, planner and executioner to your team.

2.Know the Rules of the Room

Be sure to understand what the rules are of the escape room. Each escape room comes with a different set of restrictions – for example, things that you can’t touch or things you shouldn’t focus on as well as the number of clues for each room. By knowing these rules, it’ll save you time and confusion.

3.Track the time

Keep your eyes on the clock. Escape rooms usually a lot 45 minutes to an hour of time to solve the puzzle. It is crucial that you know how far you are along in time and how much faster you need to solve clues. This will also give you direction on how to approach each scenario and clue you get.

4. Communication is key

Seeing something and talking it out with your team members is crucial to solving a room. Make sure to communicate clues you find with your fellow team members. By talking to each other about the things you discover, you’ll realize different clues each member gathers that can very well help you solve the puzzle and win the game,

5. Use your clues

Most escape rooms give teams a chance at 3 clues by the game creators. A lot of teams that do escape rooms refuse to use these free clues. Use them. They are free for a reason and they are created to help guide teams along when they are stuck. If you’re stuck on a step for more than 15 minutes, use a clue. The mission of the game is to win.

6. Come with a positive attitude

Positivity goes far. Go into your escape room with a positive attitude. If you go in with a negativity view it’ll cause your fellow teammates to feel negative about the came too. Attitude changes everything.

7. Enjoy and have fun

Just have fun. Success is not always based on the result of the game but rather the process. So make sure to have fun, even if you don’t come out winning. If you have fun, you’ve already conquered your first escape room the right way.

With these tips, you can now approach an escape room with the tools to win. So what are you waiting for? Go today.

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