How to Make Camping With Kids Easy and Stress-Free

How to Make Camping With Kids Easy and Stress-Free from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

“Mommy, can we go camping?” My kids always beg me with excitement. I feel it both overwhelming and hesitating to go on and let them experience the wonders of camping.

Camping with kids is not always easy and stress-free. Several times, it’s dreadful.

Because I know that much moms like you experience the same, I decided to share some tips to help you better enjoy camping your sons and daughters.

Make a Plan

The first thing that all moms and dads should do when camping with kids is to plan.

Where would you all go camping? What’s the area like? Is it safe in this place? What can you do there? Is there a near hospital to go to in case of emergencies?  These questions are some that require answers while you plan.

It’s vital that you plan for your camp to ensure safety especially that you’re with your kids-your life’s treasures, and camping can become unpredictable. By having a concrete plan, you may minimize surprises and keep things organize and safe.

How to Make Camping With Kids Easy and Stress-Free from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom
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Have a Checklist

Packing can become tough if exactly you don’t know what to bring. Camping with kids may become stressful if you forget what your kids need. So, to save you from packing nightmare, make a checklist of the most important things to bring at the camp.

Your camping checklist is a great tool to organize your things. Based on your planned activities, the place you’re going, time, and length of camping, your list will undoubtedly vary.

I know that you have so much more now because you’re not only going to camp alone or with your friends, you’re going with your kids. You have to pack food, cooking utensils or tools, clothing, tents, sunscreen and repellent, sleeping bags or some good underquilt for hammocks and the list goes on.

Here is some list included in your checklist:

  • Packing list – ensures that all necessary materials are not forgotten
  • Shopping list – Helps you grab at the store the things you need for your camp
  • Site planning and essential information
  • Tips and tricks for camping- It makes camping easy.
  • Camping activities – Activities like nature scavenger hunt
  • Campfire songs – You may use this song to teach your kids.
  • Simple camping crafts – Kids may enjoy the simple artwork.
  • Campfire games – Your list of games that your kids will enjoy
  • Kids’ meals for camping – Gives you all a full stomach

Packing everything without a list seems endless. So, whenever I go camping, I make a checklist for facilitating the camp and worry nothing about forgetting things.

Do Alternative Activities

I’m sure you wish for a perfect camping scene.

A perfect camping scenario if you agree is when the weather is good. Your kids will have fun entertaining themselves by just around in the abundant outdoors. However, what happens when boredom strikes due to bad weather?

Come ‘on let’s all be honest, it rarely happens! You thought it’s going to be a great day but it turns out to be a bad day due to the weather that you can’t control, and the worst is everything is set up. What I think watching out for the weather updates is helpful.

What if the weather started great but turns out not? It is where your planned alternative activities will come out. Have optional activities for bad weather and boredom. You can have some fun regardless.

Prepare your Meal Plan

Getting the right food on your camping can be a bit tricky.

Stop doing what lazy people usually do. Please do not wait until it is meal time to plan for your meal. Plan your meal ahead of the time. Doing this will not leave your kids sitting, hungry, and waiting for the food to cook. 

You know, hungry kids are grumpy kids. They wouldn’t like waiting for the food. When they are hungry, you’re not stress-free. Make your camping easy by planning the meal ahead of time, and know how long it will take to cook. Or, what about opting for make-ahead meals?

You have two options: cook in the camping site and do a campsite cleanup or use your home kitchen and avoid the mess to whip yummy and filling meals.

How to Make Camping With Kids Easy and Stress-Free from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom
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Have Nighttime Fun

Only because the sun is down doesn’t mean that the fun needs to stop. There are ample things to do at night camp on any trip – campfire classics to enjoy and physically active ways to do to have fun. More so, are mind challenging games.

In my previous camping with kids, the best part is sitting around the campfire at night while we were singing campfire songs, looking at the stars above, and telling stories. For my kids, the night games are the best and the most joyful time.

There are more and more things to do to have fun at night. You can choose from campfire activities, campfire games, night-time activities away from the campfire or inside the tent, or trail end.

Apply Camping Hacks

Below are some camping hacks that may help camping with kids easy and stress-free.

  • Pack in a clear tub that you can put labels on such as kitchen supplies, food, bathroom & bathing, toys, tents, sleeping bags, clothes & laundry, and music & entertainment. Check this video.
  • Set-up a hand and foot washing station
  • Have a bath station for your kids.
  • Add a layer of softness to the sleeping bags, some best hammock underquilts are perfect for winter.
  • Bring entertainment toys for your kids such as squirt guns, balls, bubbles, binoculars, and more.
  • You may have some glow sticks and wrap it around your kids’ wrist as a bracelet. Headlamps are also worth the cost that gives light to everyone. Or, get some glow in the dark rope.
  • Unpack the outfits into a hanging clothes organizer when the camp is set.
  • Use a light cooler for your food. Freeze jug of water in advance. Make sure to fill up your container with the spices needed for cooking. Bring 12 tools in one by using a 12-in-1 camping tool.

 My Final Thoughts

Camping with my sons and daughters is always fun. However, for some, it is not always the case. Not only that it’s risky, but also it’s hard to manage and organize a trip with them. So, my goal is to make camping with them leisurely and stress-free.

I hope that the tips I gave you may help you put together a camping trip with your kids easily and happily.

Do you have any tips to share?  Write your comments below, and let other people know your secrets for a happy camping trip with kids.


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