Breastfeeding After Having Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breastfeeding After Having Breast Augmentation Surgery from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Breast augmentation is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures among women in America, and it’s not surprising that many women are left wondering how their new additions will perform when it comes time to feed the baby. 

Such a sensitive part of the female body, a woman’s breasts are an important asset throughout life.  If you plan on starting a family (or adding to your existing crew), you may have a few questions rolling around upstairs. 

Check out some educated answers to some common questions women have about breast augmentation surgery and breastfeeding.

The main question women ask

How do breast implants affect your ability to breastfeed?  The answer is not as simple as some women would like to hear.  There is several different aspects of your breast augmentation that matter when it comes to how well your breasts function after surgery. 

The placement of your implants and the site of the incision can both be determining factors as to whether or not you can breastfeed post-op. 

How placement can affect breastfeeding

When a woman chooses to undergo breast augmentation, there are two options as to where the surgeon can place the implants inside the body.  Implants can be placed in the actual breast, or they can be placed behind the muscle tissue

Placing implants behind the muscle is best if you hope to breastfeed after surgery.  When the implant is behind the muscle, there is much less opportunity for damage to the mammary glands and sensitive milk-producing tissues. 

How the type of incision could matter

If your surgery calls for a periareolar incision, you may want to consider changing up the process.  A periareolar incision goes along the pigmentation line of the areola and is the most discreet incision site. 

The issue with a periareolar incision is that it can cause damage to the sensation in the nipple, as well as the ability to sufficiently breastfeed.  Women who intend to breastfeed post-op should choose an inframammary incision for placing their new additions. 

Could you breastfeed before the surgery

The main question most doctors will ask a woman who is wondering whether or not she will have the ability to breastfeed after her surgery is, “Could you breastfeed before?”  Most women who were able to easily breastfeed pre-op retain the ability to breastfeed after their implant surgery. 

Questions of safety for the baby

If you’re wondering whether or not the silicone implants will affect the safety of your breast milk, then you’re just like thousands of other women.  The answer is that your implants shouldn’t have an effect at all on the safety of the milk your breasts are producing.  Even in the rare event that your implant should burst, your baby is still safe. 

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