Looking your Best on Wedding Day: Undergoing Breast Augmentation Surgery

Looking your Best on Wedding Day Undergoing Breast Augmentation Surgery from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

A wedding is arguably one of the biggest events in a woman’s life and one where she is her most beautiful. This often prompts women to explore options to help them look their best. Many women seek out plastic surgery to address areas that have been an issue in their past so they can feel and look their best on their wedding day. 

One of the most common surgeries brides request is breast augmentation. This procedure is an excellent choice for the proper candidate but can have some unique issues in light of an upcoming wedding.

When is the Right time to have Breast Augmentation?

We normally recommend that a patient undergo this procedure at least three months before the wedding day. The biggest reason is that this procedure will likely have a profound effect on how the dress will fit. The choice of the dress must be taken into account as well as the expected change in the size of the patient’s body. We want to have adequate time for the breasts to settle and look as natural as possible. 

Normally, a final dress fitting is done several weeks before the ceremony, and we also want to have the breasts sitting in a more natural location before the fitting. Adding extra time, if possible, is always beneficial as this facilitates the best possible outcome. 

Other considerations to think about are also some of the physical limitations that are required in the immediate postoperative period. Many women are very weight conscious in the months before their wedding, and there will be exercising restrictions that a patient must obey to have an uneventful recovery.

Scheduling your surgery ahead of time

Normally, women will not gain weight during the recovery process but not working out can be an issue for some women. Thus, if women are intended to work out in the months before the wedding for stress relief or to maintain a figure, they should schedule their breast augmentation procedure even further in advance.  Also, there are also many events in the days or weeks leading up to the wedding day, and this can be affected by the recovery process as well.

If you are considering to have a breast augmentation and have an upcoming wedding, make sure to plan properly and ensure at least three months of recovery to ensure that the changes to your body don’t negatively affect the way your dress fits or the recovery doesn’t impact the pre-wedding festivities. 

Most importantly, look for a board-certified plastic surgeon to ensure the safety of your procedure, and look your best on your wedding day!

About Dr. Vincent P. Marin

Dr. Vincent Marin is a board-certified plastic surgeon who offers first-rate services at La Jolla and San Diego. Dr. Marin provides his patients with the highest level of skill and artistry, using state-of-the-art technology to deliver safe and beautiful results.

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