Planetary Cabinet: Influence in Astrology

Planetary Cabinet Influence in Astrology from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Vedic astrology is practiced based on the movements of planets and their changing positions. The nine planets, the sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu form the basis of all astrological predictions. 

These planets play vital roles in humanity, its behavior, and its connections with the world around us. Many people believe that astrology affects many elements of life, and websites like Selfendipity go into more detail about this. Each planet has specific roles to play and individual characteristics that determine the path your life is on. 

The general tide of world events and individual ones can be predicted from the Planetary Cabinet, which is formed yearly according to the sun’s entrance into important signs of the zodiac. 

Each planet is assigned a specific position, and the Sun and Moon are always at the top positions.  If you check your kundali on a free horoscope site, you will notice how the planets sit with zodiacs in different houses. 

Roles assigned in Planetary Cabinets

In accordance with the “Kalaprakasika,” the standardized scripture on the mahoortha system, the cabinets for a year are assigned following these parameters:

When the sun enters the first point, that is, the Aries zodiac, the planet ruling the day becomes the king. As the Sun enters Taurus, the planet ruling the day becomes the minister. As the Sun moves to Capricorn, the ruling planet of the day becomes the lord of crops and agriculture. When the sun enters Libra, the ruling planet becomes the Lord of Fruits and Vegetables. The lord of Minerals is the ruling planet when the Sun enters Capricorn.  As it enters Gemini, the lord of fluids is decided. In the month of Jyestha, which is a nakshatra, as the sun moves into the Andhra constellations, the ruling planet of the day will be the Lord of the clouds. These positions change every year, but the cabinet positions are dependent on this movement of the Sun. 

Planetary Behavior when the Sun and Moon function as the King. 

Each planet is embedded with its own unique traits and this is reflected when different planets are kings of different years. Like in life, the king has a high influence on your entire chart and how your year looks like.  The sun and moon are considered very important and royal planets on their own, but acting as king their effects are more noticeable and powerful. 

If you want to know more about your king, you can check these things out online with free horoscope readings.

The Sun

The sun is considered the most powerful amongst the planets in the literal sense. When it acts as King, the year is beneficial and prosperous. You will enjoy the profits and luxuries of life. However, if the King sun is placed in a maleficent or incompatible house, there is tension amidst all the rulers, and some dangers involving the fire element may persist. 

The Moon

The moon signifies one’s mind, emotions, and gentleness. When the moon is ruling as the king, there is tremendous prosperity, abundance, and growth during the year. These benefits might manifest in any aspect of your life, depending on the involvement of other elements. When the king moon signifies a troublesome house, there is a lack or shortage of happiness and peace. Rains are scanty and growth of crops, corn, in particular, is sparse. Knowing the positions and roles of planets in the cabinet each year allows you to have more accurate readings when you visit a free horoscope site. With a basic understanding of these elements, you can understand what your astrologer says on a very deep and personal level, which helps you connect to yourself and the world more fluently.

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