Best Surrogacy Agencies in California

Best Surrogacy Agencies in California

California is a premier destination for surrogacy, thanks to its progressive laws and supportive environment for gestational carriers and intended parents. Those looking to embark on the surrogacy journey have many options, but choosing the right agency is crucial for a smooth and positive experience. This article highlights some of the best surrogacy agencies in California.

1. Made In The USA Surrogacy Agency

Made In The USA Surrogacy Agency, based in California, stands out for its commitment to creating families through surrogacy with a personal touch. Their website,, offers a gateway to understanding their comprehensive services and support systems for both surrogates and intended parents. If you are a California resident and on the search for “surrogate agencies near meMade In The USA surrogacy is definitely a top choice you should look into.

Why Choose Made In The USA Surrogacy Agency?

  • Personalized Matching: They prioritize creating the perfect match between surrogates and intended parents, considering preferences, values, and expectations to ensure a harmonious journey.
  • Transparent Compensation: Surrogates working with Made In The USA are offered competitive compensation packages, transparently outlined from the start.
  • Full Support: From legal and psychological support to medical coordination, the agency ensures that surrogates and intended parents are fully supported throughout the entire process.
  • Experienced Staff: Their team of professionals is experienced in all aspects of surrogacy and fertility, providing knowledgeable guidance at every step.

2. California Surrogacy Center

The California Surrogacy Center is known for its highly personalized approach to surrogacy. They offer a wide range of services and have an excellent track record in matching surrogates with intended parents, ensuring that both parties are comfortable and confident throughout their journey.

Key Features:

  • Extensive Screening Process: Ensures that all surrogates meet the strictest health and psychological criteria.
  • International Support: They have extensive experience working with international intended parents, navigating the complexities of international surrogacy with ease.

3. Golden Surrogacy

Golden Surrogacy is renowned for its exceptional support and advocacy for the surrogacy community. Their focus on creating a supportive, inclusive environment for all families, including LGBTQ+ individuals and couples, sets them apart.

Key Features:

  • Inclusive Services: They are champions of inclusivity, offering services to a diverse range of families.
  • Comprehensive Support: Provides round-the-clock support to surrogates and intended parents, covering all aspects of the surrogacy journey.

4. Surrogacy International

With a focus on combining technology with personalized care, Surrogacy International is a leading agency offering innovative solutions to the surrogacy process. They are known for their rigorous surrogate selection process and excellent medical partnerships.

Key Features:

  • Innovative Approach: Utilizes technology to streamline the surrogacy process, making it easier and more efficient for everyone involved.
  • Global Network: Has a vast network of medical and surrogacy professionals worldwide, offering a broad range of options for intended parents.

5. Family Tree Surrogacy Center

Family Tree Surrogacy Center prides itself on creating lasting relationships with its surrogates and intended parents. Their compassionate approach and dedication to the well-being of surrogates make them a standout choice.

Key Features:

  • Personalized Care: Offers a boutique surrogacy experience, with a strong emphasis on personal attention and care.
  • Extensive Support: Provides emotional, psychological, and logistical support to surrogates throughout their journey.

Choosing the right surrogacy agency is a pivotal step in the journey towards creating a family through surrogacy. Made In The USA Surrogacy Agency leads the pack in California with its comprehensive services, transparent practices, and personalized approach. Each of these agencies offers unique strengths, ensuring that intended parents and surrogates can find a partnership that best suits their needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize a personalized touch, inclusivity, innovation, or close-knit relationships, there’s an agency in California ready to support your surrogacy journey.

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