Book Review: The Prophet by K.J. Dahlen

The Prophet is one those suspense filled books that you just can not put down. I literally had to force myself to put it down so that I could get work done in my house.
Here is a brief summary of the story. 
After a three year search for a serial killer known as The Prophet, FBI agents Sean Sebastian and Rheta Morgan; both who have a personal reason to stop him, finally get a break and The Prophet is within their reach. Confrontation leads them to discover a secret network called the New Brotherhood and the more they find out about the New Brotherhood, the more determined they are to stop it.
 When The Prophet takes Rheta and Sean’s sister hostage, the race is on to free them and bring down he Brotherhood.The Prophet is one who feels that his destiny will be fulfilled by taking a young woman’s life among his many followers in each city that he travels. He sickly believes that the women he kills were sent to him for just that purpose. Sick right. He makes a mistake when one of the chosen women is the sister of an FBI agent who becomes obsessed with tracking the prophet down and bringing him to justice. Sounds really interesting right? Well let me tell you it really is. This is one of the best suspense story I have read in a long time. And just when I thought I had figured everything out a twist is introduced that made me rethink what I had figured out. This book is amazingly written. The characters are very well developed. The reader is given spoon fed information about about the character a little bit at a time as if to fill that a personal relationship is forming between the reader and the character. When the FBI agent felt like someone was staring at her I so felt the same way. Yes this book is that good. So if you  get the chance pick up a copy of The Prophet by  K.J. Dahlen and hang on your hats because you are in for a twist and turns kind of ride.

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