Allie’s Corner: 1st Shopping Trip

 Today we took Allie to Pet Supplies Plus to get her some much needed toys. I will tell you more about those in the upcoming week. Allie has finally started settling into our family. She sleeps most of the night without much of a problem. She loves to lick the carpet (yuck) in my house. She has yet to have an accident inside the house. She is starting to respond to her name and she is getting used to the girls. Now if I can only get them to leave her alone. Having a small dog, we are able to do things with her that we could never do with Winnie and Tutu. ( Just trying to get them in the car is a chore in it’s self.) We took Allie to the store to pick out a kennel and toys for her. I had Maddie snap a photo of her in the shopping cart. Thought you would enjoy seeing it.

She did not know what to think of it.
I ended up picking her up and carrying her throughout most of the store.
Yes I am a push over.

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