Book Clubs Are A Great Way to Get Social


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I love to read and I love to share that love with others. That has gotten me thinking a lot about book clubs. I have been thinking a lot lately of starting one that would meet once a month. I will admit that I have become a little hermit since Gracie has gotten sick. So I thought that this would be a great way to reach out to others. The first thing I need to do is find members. When looking for members I don’t necessarily choose everyone who is exactly like me because that would be boring. But I would look for people who have amazing life experiences as well as though who are not afraid to express their thoughts. I know a couple of my teachers friends would be high on that list as well as a few acquaintances that I would love to get to know better. Keeping the number small will help to maintain an intimate judgment free club. After inviting the women to the club, I would then ask them what kind of books that they like to read- the book club would be open to all types of books. Basically the book we read will be ones that we all are interested in and ones that are voted on by all members. No dictatorship here. Here is my plan for after we pick the book, then we will all check out calendar to see what date works best for all those involved. Now to just decide where we will meet, of course the first meeting will be at my house but then we can decide if we want to rotate to others throughout the year. I like the idea of having members bring an appetizer to share to the meeting. Not only are we filling our minds with intelligent conversations but also our bellies with yummy food. Plus we will be getting some awesome recipes to add to our cookbook as well.

As with anything, communication is the key. Sending emails and texts to remind members of meetings as well as which book that we will be reading is the most important thing. But I am also looking at this book club as not only as a book club but also as a support group. Because sometimes we all need a little of that. The important thing is not to be too strict on the rules because then people won’t want to come back.

So what have you found worked when starting a book club?

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