Best Family Halloween Costumes

Best Family Halloween Costumes by North Carolina lifestyle blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Do you plan on having a family-style Halloween? If you’re thinking about dressing up the family in theme or look-alike costumes, there are an abundance of family Halloween costume ideas and costumes available. Sometimes it’s difficult to choose, so here are some ideas to make it easier. Here are some ideas for family Halloween costumes.

They’re creepy, and they’re kooky – The Addams Family television series reruns are some of the most watched by today’s kids and adults. Kids love them, and the costumes are sure to provide a ghoulish cast to your family-style Halloween. Morticia, Gomez, Wednesday and Uncle Fester can all come alive when you dress up your family in these unique Halloween costumes, complete with wigs. Plus with my girls’ long hair they can always go as Cousin It.

If you want a silly and fun look for Halloween, dress your family in the various Sesame Street character costumes that are available online – characters such as Big Bird, Elmo, Bert and Ernie, and even the Cookie Monster are sure to delight your entire family. But if you think their voices are annoying maybe there is something you might want to rethink.

family Halloween Costumes Cinderella - Best Family Halloween Costumes by North Carolina lifestyle blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

You can even choose characters from your favorite cartoons. Dad may want to be the loveable Great Dane dog and dress in a costume that includes the body, hood, mitts, feet and blue collar. Mom ought to dazzle the crowds by dressing as the fairy godmother from Cinderella or even Cinderella herself – and the kids can let their imaginations run wild when they choose from the wide array of children’s costumes.

And if you a Nascar fan, you could recreate the theme we did one year. This was when Gracie was little. She was Dale Earnhardt Jr., Mikaela was the checkered flag, and Maddie was her car. They won a family Halloween costume contest with this one.

Some family Halloween costume theme ideas might include clothes from the 50s – poodle skirts, pony tails and bobby socks were the style then, and now they make colorful and fun Halloween costumes. Think about dressing up your family for Halloween as characters from the movie, “Wizard of Oz.”

There’s Dorothy, of course, and the Scarecrow, Lion and Tin Man – and don’t forget the Wizard.  And of course, we have our own little Toto in Allie girl. And if you need an extra Tutu could always be the Tin Man and that so suits her personality. You’ll find everything from makeup, wigs, and loads of other ideas online – a simple way to shop to be sure you get everything you need and in the correct sizes. 

You can even go back in time and learn some history by dressing up your family as Roman Soldiers or Greek Gladiators, Cleopatra and goddesses from a time when clothing showed your wealth and position in society. What a great way to incorporate fun and to learn into your festivities. These costumes are well-made and easy to get in and out of and allow room for layering underneath so that you’ll stay warm when the wind begins to howl.

Best Family Halloween Costumes by North Carolina lifestyle blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

A scarier theme for family Halloween costumes could be costumes such as witches and warlocks, ghouls and skeletons. Ideas abound online for ways that you can make this Halloween one that your whole family will always remember. And I can honestly say that the best family Halloween Costumes I have seen have been one where people were the most creative.

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