Becoming a Work From Home Mom: Bright Ideas to Spark Your Imagination and Use Your Skills, Too

Work from Home Mom

With recent statistics showing a significant rise in the amount of people ditching regular office jobs to work from home, becoming your own boss is certainly appealing to more people than ever before. Especially for moms with young children, flexibility is a key component they look for in a job and the flexibility provided when working from home is almost too good to pass up.

However, working from home is a lot harder than it sounds and you need to have a specific job idea that utilizes both your imagination and skill-set. Without a solid idea, you’ll likely struggle to even get started. If working from home is something you want to try but are unsure of what to actually do, here’s some inspiration you can use.

Create your own products

 If you’re creative with arts and crafts and bursting with product ideas, this could be the ideal career path for you to choose. From jewelry to clothing to beauty products, as long as you purchase the materials and ensure everything you make is 100% safe, you can tap into this market by creating your very own bespoke, handmade products to sell.

But to really get this idea off the ground, you may have to test out a few product ideas first to see which is proving the most popular. This will mean spending quite a lot of money on materials to establish the exact niche that will work best. If you need a little financial help to initially get started, learn more about the array of small business loans available to you.


Perfect! If you’ve had a previous job that developed your skill set in a particular area but you are now choosing to work from home after having kids, becoming a consultant will mean none of your previous work will go to waste!

This path allows you to use your expertise and offer advice to others, adding much-needed value to their business. Establishing where their weaknesses lie is crucial when offering consulting services as, once you’ve done this, you can specifically pinpoint their problems and find exact solutions for them.


 If you’re not providing the sole income for your family, this could be a good option to start with if you love writing and have a passion for a particular subject. Blogging has huge potential to be very successful and make a lot of money but, generally, it’s a very slow process and won’t happen overnight.

But if you make it your hobby and just write about what you love, it won’t feel like work. And, if it does eventually become monetized and create a stable source of income for you – even better!

With so many options to choose from as a work from home mom, it can be overwhelming to get started! Now you’ve got some ideas and inspiration to go with, you can use this to branch out and do something you not only enjoy but also makes use of your existing skills and abilities.

[info_box type=”pale_box”]Harriet Garner dabbled in earning money online for several years with surveys and other online money-making methods before taking the leap and starting her own arts and crafts business. She writes about how other women, mothers, can earn money from home.[/info_box]


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