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If there is one beauty trick most women want to know, it is how to apply makeup for that fresh-faced, clear-skinned look of radiant beauty. Let’s be honest, very few people naturally have it all. So what is a person to do? Why find the right products and techniques to make it look like as though they do. Here’s your go-to guide for creating a stunning look. The best start you can give your skin for anything like this is a well moisturized. Allow your moisturizer a few minutes to sink in before applying primer. Next, apply your foundation. A liquid foundation is best applied with a brush for optimum coverage (you’ll also use less product). Give your skin a moment or two after applying, then look to see if there are any marks, spots or blemishes that require extra coverage. If there are, apply a few small dots of concealer to the areas, using your ring finger to blend them in. Apply a light dusting of powder. Now you are going to apply blusher. Pick a natural color that has a little sparkle in it. The best way to achieve a correct application is to look into the mirror and smile naturally. Less is very often more, so apply products sparingly. The most important thing with a look like this is to have fun experimenting and trying out different products to see what works for you! Once you know how to sculpt the perfect cheekbone you’ll never look back

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