Are You Thinking Of Getting A Dog? Here Are Some Things To Consider

Are You Thinking Of Getting A Dog? Here Are Some Things To Consider from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Dogs make truly wonderful pets – they’re loyal, affectionate, fun, great companions, and let’s be honest, they’re super cute. As great as all of that is, it doesn’t change the fact that dogs are living beings that need real care, love, and attention in order to thrive, so if you’re thinking of getting a dog – whether for yourself or even as a family pet for Christmas, then make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons that you’re fully aware of just how much of a commitment and responsibility a dog is because it’s extremely heartbreaking to think of all the dogs who end up in shelters or on the streets simply because people got them based on their cuteness and then realized they didn’t have the ability to care for them properly.

Are you prepared to train a puppy?

Pretty much everyone will agree that puppies are just the cutest things ever, but just like babies they need to be taught everything, and they can be a lot of work because they all have their own unique personalities. For example, if you look up things like how to care for a German shepherd puppy or how to care for a terrier puppy, you may get quite different tips for each breed. Regardless of breed, though, puppies will need to learn that they can’t just bite when they want something, they’ll need to learn to come back when called, and they’ll need to learn that they’re not supposed to go to the bathroom indoors. All of these things will take some time and training from you, so you need to make sure you’re prepared to do this before getting a pup.

Do you have a crazy schedule?

Although your dog isn’t going to be watching the clock and asking where you’ve been all day, they do have an awareness of time and they certainly don’t like being on their own for too long or having inconsistent routines. Some breeds, such as Yorkshire terriers are well-known for this, whilst others may be more relaxed, but if you have a hectic schedule and can’t commit a set amount of time to your dog each day, then it’s really not fair to get one.

Do you like to travel a lot?

If you enjoy your freedom and like to travel whenever the mood strikes, then you have to realize that doing this with a dog is going to be a challenge. It’s not so easy to travel with a dog because you can’t just book a ticket and take them with, many countries require special papers or vaccinations and even for the dog to spend time in quarantine. Travel is also very traumatic for a dog, and if you don’t take them with, then you’ll need to put them in a kennel or leave them with relatives and upset their routine, so it’s really not an ideal or fair solution.

Can you afford it?

From vet bills, pet insurance, food, and even toys, the cost of having a dog can certainly mount up, so in order to ensure you can look after a dog like they need, then you need to make sure you can actually afford to keep up with these costs.

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