4 Things Every New Dog Owner Should Know

If you’ve recently brought home a dog of your own or are thinking about it, it’s not something that you should consider doing blindly. There are a lot of things a new dog owner needs to know if they’re going to raise a happy and healthy dog. There are a lot of things that pose a threat to your dog’s health, like many common food items that you might have in your home – and if you aren’t aware of them, your dog can get sick.  Dog owners need to be aware, they need to know when to be strict, and they need to understand what’s best for their best friend’s health.

4 Things Every New Dog Owner Should Know


Every dog is different

There’s no care routine that’s going to fit every dog perfectly, and you should know that every breed of dog will have different wants and needs. Some dogs are more active, some dogs need more food, and some dogs need more care. Before you decide on a breed, you should know everything about it to make sure that you can provide the lifestyle that it needs. If there’s one thing you should know, however, is that a dog isn’t a low-maintenance pet – and you will need to put a lot of time into caring for it.

Hygiene issues

Your dog’s hygiene is important, and they’re very much unlike cats, where you need to make sure they’re getting groomed properly. Fur trims, teeth brushing, proper baths, and so on. These are all part of a routine when you own a dog, and neglecting to do any of them can cause health issues for your pet, which are always better avoided.

Strict diet

An untrained puppy is likely to beg for food, and it’s difficult to resist when you’re a new pet owner, but it’s important to understand that even though they’re asking for food – it’s not good for them. You might think you’re being kind to them by sharing food from your plate, but you’re doing things that are wrong. Firstly, you’re teaching them that begging gets them food, and they might develop that into a habit. Secondly, you’re likely feeding them food that’s not good for them and could potentially be harmful or toxic. For example, some foods like mushrooms, the ones you toss into your salad or pasta, can be toxic to dogs. It’s hard to resist the appeal of puppy-dog eyes, but it is easier to get the approval of your veterinarian as to what’s good for your furry friends. Real mushroom extracts can be best given to your furry friend, but you need a careful understanding of the amount in proportion to your dog’s weight.

Training them is important

When you have your own dog, you might have your own expectations for how they turn out, and you might consider waiting to see how they turn out. However, it’s important that you consider training as an option, as dogs can often be quite destructive and, in some cases, hostile if they’re not trained properly. If you feel like you’re not up to the task, there are professional dog training services that are available for dog owners, and they can help you to train your dog to do a number of things – as well as correct bad behaviors. 

A new dog owner might have a hard time being strict with their dogs, and most people can understand that – but not being strict can lead to serious issues as your dog gets older. It’s for your safety, their safety, and everyone around them.

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