Family Projects For Creativity and Profit

Family Projects For Creativity and Profit from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Obviously, you have a lot of options when it comes to family projects that you can do. However, you’ll notice that some of them are creative. And, in other cases, you might notice that some of them can even turn a profit. But if you’re smart, you’ll figure out how to come up with family projects that combine both those ideas.

For example, you can have family projects silk screening shirts, making wooden arts and crafts, doing some photography, or even using some basic carpentry skills to make frames. These four are just examples, but they’ll put your mindset in the right place if you’re trying to come up with these kinds of ideas.

Silk Screening Shirts

If you’re a fashion-conscious family, consider that doing some silkscreening might be an interesting group project. It can be a bit of an involved process, but with the right equipment and some practice, you can really make some unique designs, and either wear them as a family or potentially sell them through various means. Your family can set up an eBay or Etsy store for example, and any of your best work can go online for sale.

Wooden Arts and Crafts

Making wooden crafts or other artistic projects can be something else your family can do that is creative, but can also be sold for some additional money. Knowing the basics of woodworking, wood-burning, etching, and carving will allow different members of your family that are in different age groups to do unique and potentially high-quality productions. Think of making small wooden toys for kids. Wooden toys tend to have a warmer feel, and they can last for generations as heirlooms.

Beaded Crafts

Beading involves stringing beads to create jewelry, apparel, and other decorative items. Making beaded crafts is easy to learn, depending on the pattern you choose. For example, simple beaded bracelets only take a few minutes to create, but beaded bags or clothes can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. You can start making beaded crafts with your family after securing a wide variety of beads, beading tools and materials, and guides and patterns to follow. 


Making photography a family project is another good one in terms of creativity and profit. Even young children can use cameras, and as people in your family get older, you can learn more advanced techniques. At that point, if you print out your photos, you can even potentially sell them! There is a lot of money to be had for community photography through different avenues, and the only thing holding you and your family back is purchasing that camera and getting those snapshots organized.


And coinciding with the idea of photography, you and your family can do some frame-making as well. This can either be for photographs or canvases or anything else that needs to be displayed. It’s quite a skill to be able to make frames that look good, so with a little bit of practice, your family should be able to critique each other in the basic techniques, and start putting together some excellent looking things. Any extra frames that you have you can put out for sale to make your money back.

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