an unusual day

Today was an unusual day at my house. It all started yesterday. Gracie had a friend over to play. She was invited to spend the night at her house. I thought sure if she felt up to it. She had a rough couple of days but she needed to have a little fun. Well her fun did not last for long. I got a call about 12:45 last night. It was Gracie, crying her eyes out. She wanted to come home. Her belly was hurting her so bad. I am blessed to have such great friends that offered to bring her home for me. She got home around one. She slept with me all night. There has got to be a bigger problem here. It is stopping her from doing normal activities now. In fact, the past couple of days all she has wanted to do was sleep. That is not normal for an eight year old. She did not get up until 1:00 this afternoon. The doctor suggested that if it continues to call Duke and see if they will work us in if they have a cancellation. This is something that has really gotten me worried. I don’t even know how she will make it through tomorrow at school. I am seriously thinking about homeschooling her next year. I sent a friend of mine, who is a homeschooling mom, a message today about homeschooling. Her daughter is in 4th grade now, which will be the grade Gracie will be in next year. I am exploring all options right now. I am just at a loss- I just don’t know what to do. I don’t want my baby girl to hurt anymore.

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  1. Praying for Gracie and your family. I have a son with a sensitive stomach (no pain like your daughter) but he gags and throws up easily reflux. He called me every day in 2nd grade, because he would throw up at lunch as it turned out he could not stand the smell of the cafeteria. It was terrible experience. I can not imagine the worry that you have now, and hope that you get some much needed answers soon.

  2. KEEP ON THE PHONE!!! Call them every single day. They will fit you in!!
    Yay for homeschooling!!! I HS mine because of all the therapies and evals and stuff. I love it!!
    P.S. Following you now 🙂

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