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We have had to adjust the way we deal with mornings because of Gracie’s IBS and knowing that stress can set it off. We have to talk to her in even tones and be very calm and reassuring to her. Believe me sometimes it is hard esp. when I now have two teenagers who I also have to deal with everyday. IBS is a painful illness that causes chronic abdominal pain, major discomfort, bloating and in Gracie’s case constipation. Her little belly gets so bloated sometimes that she is so uncomfortable. She finds it painful to do things. I also have to be careful on the clothes she wears. The clothes can not be to constricting or binding. She does not like anything too tight around her belly. She will not wear blue jeans at all. She lives in leggings and big loose shirts. I can always tell how bad her IBS is flaring by how her clothes are fitting her. Today an outfit that I picked out for her to wear that she wore just 2 weeks ago was way too tight around her belly. She was in tears this morning not wanting to go to school. I had to calmly reassure her that I was only a phone call away if she needed me. I have asked her teacher for a conference to see what options are available to her when she has flares such as she has been having in the past week. I am willing at this point to try anything, with only about 2 months left in school I would hate to have all her hard work this year go to waste. I am just at a loss. Right now I just don’t know what I am going to do. I just want to put this school year behind me and look ahead to next year.

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