Air Conditioning – Whole Home Solutions

Air Conditioning – Whole Home Solutions

If you’re thinking of installing a new air conditioning system or looking to replace or upgrade an existing one in your home, then you may be overwhelmed with the options available. Choosing the right type of air conditioning system can be a daunting task, but a ducted system can bring lots of benefits.

We’ve taken a deep dive into the world of ducted air conditioning units and produced an essential guide on what you need to know: 

  • What is a Ducted Air Conditioning System

Unlike single, multi-room, or other types of air conditioning systems designed to cool single rooms, ducted air conditioners use ducting throughout the property to provide a whole home solution, with the ability to cool your entire home to a consistent temperature giving you total climate control throughout your property. In addition to cooling, a reverse cycle system can provide heating by absorbing heat from outside air and passing it through the ducting to the living areas.

  • Choosing the Right Brand

When looking for the best in ducted air conditioners, choose a well-known, respected brand to protect your investment. The best brands will be built with quality in mind which they will back up with a long guarantee, ideally a 5-year parts and labor warranty. Other things to look for are trusted brand awards, and exceptional after-sales service with an in-house customer care and technical support department. The best brands will also have experts available to provide personalized advice on the ideal solution for your air conditioning needs, and interest-free finance deals.

  • Why Choose a Ducted Air Conditioning System 

Ducted air conditioning has many benefits over other systems, such as cooling or heating multiple rooms at the same time using a centralized unit, discreet design with stylish ceiling vents, energy efficient zoning to manage airflow throughout your home at different times of the day where cooling might not be required, quiet operation with an indoor unit usually installed in the ceiling and the outdoor unit installed away from the main living spaces.

  • Feature Packed Models

The best brands will have a wide range of models, packed with features to suit every need and budget, so once you’ve decided on a whole home ducted air conditioning solution, it’s time to consider what options you want. Some features to look out for are zone control for efficient air-conditioning, economy mode, bluefin corrosion-resistant heat exchangers for coastal areas, auto-restart following power interruptions, automatic airflow adjustment, and programmable timer functions.

  • Maintenance

To help protect your investment and maintain your warranty, always have servicing carried out according to the manufacturer’s requirements using suitably qualified technicians, with the best brands having a network of recommended service agents. There may be some general basic housekeeping that you can carry out yourself which will usually be detailed in the documents that come with your system. Click here for information on the importance of regular maintenance. Air conditioning systems are often a big investment, so for peace of mind, choose a trusted brand with a network of engineers and the backing of a good warranty. Click here for information on heating and cooling.

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