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Protecting Your World from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

When you think of the things you’d like to protect, you likely start close to home. You’d like to protect your kids. Your partner. Your health. Your house. Your pets. Your car. You want all these things to stay safe. You want your vehicles to run well, your home to never be broken into, and your loved ones to always stay safe. We spend most of our energy protecting these things that are close to us, but it may be time to turn a bit of our energy outward and start focusing on the future.

As the world changes, the things we need to protect change, too. We no longer have to protect our families from hypothermia on cold winter nights: we don’t chop and stack wood; we turn on the heat. We no longer have to make sure our daughters find a husband, so they can survive in a world where only men make an income. Our daughters will do just fine on their own! As funny as some of the things we no longer have to worry about are, they’re a good reminder that every era has its problems. For us, one of our biggest problems (a problem people a century ago couldn’t even have fathomed) is the protection of our data. While you zip along online, trusting vaguely in Google to not share your information, you might want to invest in something more secure. (Than a vague hope in google, that is.) Protection has finally caught up to the internet, and now you can employ a
data protection company to be sure your sensitive information doesn’t show up where it shouldn’t. Like car or house insurance, data insurance is now just becoming a part of our lives.

Beyond even our personal futures, it’s time to start looking towards the future of the world. We’ve all heard about conserving energy and global warming (sometimes too much) and to a certain extent, it just doesn’t feel like our problem. After all, we don’t own a power plant. What can we do? While it may seem like turning off those lights and using less water isn’t going to do much good, in the long run, be assured that those things add up. Perhaps the most valuable thing we can do to conserve energy is to stay on top of new developments. As energy-efficient options open up, we can do our best to incorporate them.
Look for a way to get biodiesel as a new way to fuel your car. It’s better for your car than petroleum diesel.

Whatever steps you take to protect your family and their future in this brave new world, rest assured that it all makes a difference. The little things you do to protect your information, your health and your planet are all working towards creating a better future. It’s worth your time and energy because a better world always is.

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