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Locks That are Great for Your Home from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom
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Security is a critical requirement for any home. When it comes to safety, door lock varieties come in several types to equip for the front, interior or back door. Basic knowledge of commonly-used locks for your home or rental spaces enables owners to have peace of mind.

This list will guide you on some new terms and types of door locks, from deadbolts to mortise locks. Learn how they work for excellent safekeeping.

Doorknob lock

You come in contact with them every day— from the bedroom entrance, corridor bathroom, to the office exit. No doubt, the doorknob is the most universal of all door lock types.

With a quick push of the button, a high-quality doorknob locks the door into place. Many may use a doorknob lock for home entrances, but this lock is ideally used indoors, like for closets or bathrooms. Just make sure you don’t get locked out. Otherwise, you’d need a lock-picking set or, at the very least, some tension tools to get in.

Deadbolt lock

Primarily the framework to double security, deadbolts act as an extended bolt and are named the safest locks around. Deadbolts can withstand break-ins and violent force entries of about two tons.

When the key enters the lock, a deadbolt extends into a bored hole in the frame, securing the exterior door. From the inside, the door is locked by a simple turn of a thumb-sized mechanism. The most popular deadbolt is the single cylinder type, but for extra protection, many homeowners opt for a double-cylinder type. However, this is going to be less safe in case of emergencies. Deadbolts are difficult to pick as they’re built from hardened steel and come in thousands of possible key combinations.

Mortise Lock

Hard-wearing and one of the oldest lock styles around, a mortise lock combines the parts of a lever trim, latch bolt, auxiliary latch, deadbolt, and mortise cylinder. They’re a favorite among condominiums, business offices, and other commercial spaces for their strong, internal solid metal parts. You can even find mortise locks in some of the oldest mansions. They stand through the wear and tear of time.

Euro cylindrical lock

Going by the name, Euro cylindrical locks are more widely used in Europe and more prevalent with UPVC-type doors. However, compared to deadbolts or mortise locks, they aren’t as highly suggested to act as the exterior door lock because their construction is not engineered for maximum safety comparing them to locks like deadbolts. It’s easier to use and install on them, on the other hand, and works best for patios.

Electronic lock

As home security developed over time, so has door locks. Found in many buildings, townhouses, and larger residential properties, smart locks are getting more and more favored over traditional door lock types.

Fast and efficient, this wireless type of locking system will require a careful following of instructions for code input (or fingerprint), as well as electricity. On the other hand, smart electronic locks also come with a built-in combination with old-fashioned lock types for maximized safety measures.

Final thoughts

There is a range of other door lock types available in the market, and these are just some of the most common. Increasing your knowledge of door lock types will guide you in selecting the best locks for your home. Be prepared for both entrances and emergencies.

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