A Letter to My Middle Daughter on Her 18th Birthday


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Birthday letter

Wow, where has the time gone, it seems like yesterday you came into this world so full of life? You were by far the easiest baby out of all three of you girls. We would often find you curled up with your blankie fast asleep when all your older sister wanted to do was go and play.

Who knew that such an independent little thing would grow up to be a beautiful independent young adult? And yes I said, ADULT! I can’t believe that you will be 18 on Monday. 18 where has the time gone.

There is still so much I want to say to you, so much I want to share however it seems that time is just slipping away. When I thought about what to give you for this big birthday that brings you into adulthood, I will admit that I struggled a lot with the idea. No gift seemed right, and no card that I looked at in stores could express exactly what I wanted to say.

But then I found this site that had printable birthday cards, that not only could I find a cute one but also one that I can add my own touch to it. And by the way here is the picture that you asked me to send you.


This company just got me, and it was like they read my mind when I saw this card.

Mikaela's printable Birthday card

Not only have you been the not to follow the crowd but you have also been the one who has embraced the Hispanic culture. You are just like your daddy.

Just know that even though you have turned 18, you will still always be the little girl who didn’t crawl but bear walked on all fours, carrying her blankie and sucking her thumb. Or more to the point you will always be my baby.

Happy 18th Birthday Mikaela!

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