8 Meals You Can Make For Less Than $3.30

8 meals

Cooking up a range of interesting meals throughout the week is a challenge enough, that to do so on a strict budget feels like an impossibility. Yet these are the conditions that so many parents have to deal with while raising their children if they want them to have a healthy and varied diet – and to not complain about the repetition!

Thankfully, while our own lives are dedicated to keeping these bundles of joy healthy and happy, others have more time to devote to the research that makes it possible. That is to say, the folks who come up with winning recipes that can be achieved for just a few bucks.

Take tahini and honey chicken, for example. The name itself is likely to inspire a big appetite among every member of your clan, and the flavors are sure to have them coming back for more. It’s made by adding chicken drumsticks to a marinade of tahini, honey, salt and pepper and leaving it to roast for fifty minutes. Ideally, you’ll pair the meat with paprika potatoes: simply, sliced potatoes seasoned with paprika, olive oil, salt, and pepper, and added to the chicken tray for the final half hour of baking. This whole recipe can cost less than $3 per person.

If you really want to blow the kids’ socks off, how about a sweet potato and lentil red curry soup? Okay, so there’s bound to be someone in your family who’s not into the spicy stuff, but while they’re away on camp you can treat everyone else to this colorful treat that always stirs the imagination. An Asian soup that can be made in an hour and refrigerated for days, it can cost $1.50 or less for each serving.

The people at CashNetUSA are big on saving people money, and they’ve collected eight recipes like this for their new cooking resource, which promises to feed your family for less than $3.30 each every time. There’s plenty here to keep the taste buds working overtime.

Courtesy of: CashNetUSA

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