7 Ways To Get Your Outside Spring Ready

7 Ways To Get Your Outside Spring Ready from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

There’s no better time of the year than when the spring season is about to begin. The birds are chirping; the air feels clean and refreshing. It’s a breath of fresh air after the long, dark, and cold winter months. Spring offers excitement with anticipation for what’s to come. We’re able to finally open up the windows and fill our homes with fresh air that pushes the stagnant air out. 

But spring isn’t just about improving the quality of air inside of your home; it’s about the way that you feel when that fresh air hits your nose and the anticipation for what’s to come. We enjoy spring cleaning not because it’s fun but rather because we know that it’s not long before our mood changes and boosts excitement.

Spring cleaning might just seem as though it’s part of your home’s regular maintenance. But it’s preparation for the fun warm months ahead that you’ll be enjoying the afternoons outside soaking up the sun, BBQing with family and friends, gardening, and all the fun and games you’ll enjoy together. 

Here are seven things to do that will have your home ready for the warm weather adventures in your backyard,

  1. Removing thatch from your yard.

We all want the perfect lawn. For some reason, it gives us a sense of accomplishment and pride. One of the best ways to do this is by removing that layer of thatch. Thatch is that unpleasant layer on top of your lawn. It makes growing grass difficult, especially if it’s thicker than a half-inch. You’ll need to remove it with a dethatcher so that you can promote growth.

  1. Fertilize your yard.

Fertilizing your yard gives it the nutrients it needs to grow strong and green. Early spring isn’t the time to seed your lawn. It’s time to help your lawn establish deep roots to be able to withstand the heat of the summer. 

  1. Protect your home from pests.

Along with the warm weather come insects and rodents. The last thing we want is either getting into our homes through holes in the attic or cracks in the foundation. 

Rodent proofing your home is essential to keeping them out of your home and preventing them from damaging your home. And this can easily be done by sealing off their points of entry, such as gaps, torn screens, repairing weather stripping, plugging holes, and more.

  1. Clean your gutters.
    Removing the debris, leaves, and sticks from your gutters will help to give your house a fresh, clean look, but it does so much more. Cleaning your gutters will prevent damage to your roof, exterior, and foundations.
  2. Plant flowers and veggies.
    As spring approaches, you need to be prepared for seeding, growing, and nurturing your garden. What you plant and do will depend on where you live. Planting too early in areas that aren’t warm enough will prove to be a waste of time and money. Be sure that your seedlings are front-resistant no matter where you live if planting in early spring.

You can start with plants and veggies such as petunias, lettuce, and broccoli. These are hardy plants that will do well if it gets cold enough to front over. 

  1. Add mulch.
    Mulch is going to tie everything together. But mulch does more than edge out your beds and add beautiful texture. It actually helps to promote good growth for your flowers and veggies by retaining the soil’s moisture, keeping the weeds at bay, and improving the soils.
  2. Powerwashing.
    The rain and storms have created a build-up around and on your home. Power washing will help to remove the leaves and debris from the hard-to-reach areas around your home and give your driveway, deck, patio, and walkways a fresh, clean look. If you aren’t sure where to find a company that does you can always let your fingers do the walking on the internet and search for it. For example, if you live in the Lakeland area you would search for pressure washing in Lakeland.

There’s no better time than in spring to prepare your outdoor space for entertaining, relaxing, and enjoyment. Getting your porch, deck, and yard not only functional but also cozy and attractive is essential. There are so many things that you can do, from adding lighting to coordinating blooms with your decor. Don’t be afraid to use bold rich colors when it comes to your furniture and decor. Transform the inside and outside of your home with small projects, and you’ll be ready for entertaining soon.

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