Tips For Making Your Lawn And Yard Pet Friendly

Tips For Making Your Lawn And Yard Pet Friendly from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Your pet will be spending most of their time in your yard and you need to ensure that it is completely pet-friendly.  There are a number of steps that you can take to ensure that your yard and lawn is as pet friendly as possible.  When you do this, you will find that your pet will want to spend more time in the yard and will not leave it while you are not at home.

Choose The Right Lawn

Your yard will generally have a lot of lawn and this is the first point you should look at when making your yard pet friendly.  If you have pets who spend a lot of time in your yard, you should look at the lawn which is durable and will withstand a lot of use.  The right lawn to use will vary depending on your location because certain lawns grow better in certain locations. Also, you can ask a lawn care professional like for their professional opinion.

If you find that your lawn constantly has bare spots, you should look at patch seeds or changing the lawn that you have.  Hardier and longer lasting lawn will make your garden look better and ensure that it is pet friendly.  Bare spots in your law will also be harder on your pets than plush lawn. 

Choose The Right Plants

Once you have a lawn which is pet friendly, you will need to look at the plants in your garden.  When you have pets, you need to be very careful with the plants that you have because there are some which are not very pet friendly.  Some of the plants that you need to avoid including Daffodils, Tulip bulbs, Toadstools and Tomato plants which can be toxic to both cats and dogs.

There are a lot of plants that you will want to stay away from to protect your pets.  There are other plants that you can use instead which offer you the same aesthetics.  If you are unsure about the plants that you are looking at, you should consider asking your vet. 

Consider Your Pet Business

Dogs and certain cats will use your yard as their toilet and you need to consider this when designing your yard.  This is particularly important if you do not take your dog for a walk each day.  When you are training your pet, you could try to work on them using only one area of your yard for their business.  This area could be a low maintenance area which is away from where you usually spend time in the yard. 

To ensure that your yard stays pet friendly in terms of pet business, you need to keep your yard clean.  You should set up a schedule to check your yard for feces and remove them.  This is something that should be done for health reasons as feces left in the garden can cause a major disease.   

Avoid Any Toxic Chemicals

When you create a pet friendly yard and lawn, you need to consider how you are maintaining it.  Many fertilizers and herbicides that are commonly used in maintaining your yard are toxic to your pets.  This is why you have to read through all of the paperwork that comes with these products before you actually buy it.  You also need to use these chemicals in the way that the manufacturer suggests.

If you are unsure about the chemicals you are going to be using, you could consider organic gardening.  If organic gardening is not the best option for you, you should talk to a turf specialist about the chemicals you should be using.  They will understand the impact of all the products you can use and be able to advise you on which ones will be safe for your pets.

Consider Garden Fences To Create Pet Lawn Areas

If you have a lot of lawn in your backyard, you should look at using garden fences to create two areas.  The one area will be where you spend your time and the other will be where your pets have free reign.  This ensures that you always have a pristine lawn that you can enjoy and somewhere that your pets can have fun on.

Cover The Compost Heap In Your Yard

You may not realize that your compost is full of pathogens that will make your pets sick.  This is particularly true when the compost is moldy and in the process of being broken down.  If you have a compost barrel aerator, you will not have to worry about the effect it has on your pets.

However, when you have an open compost heap in your garden, you could face a lot of problems.  These types of compost heaps will be a hazard to not only the health of your pets but your children as well.  This is why you should always keep these types of compost heaps covered and if possible buy a barrel for your compost instead.  This will ensure that everyone is safe from the infections they can cause.

Take Care With Sandpits

If you have small children, you might think about having a sandpit in your garden.  This is a great place for your children to play, but you need to avoid this when you have pets.  This is due to the fact that pets will see this as a large toilet for them to use and this is a major issue. 

If you want to have a sandpit for your children, you need to make it pet friendly.  The best way to do this is to ensure that you have a cover for the pit.  This will stop your pets and other animals using the sandpit as a toilet and will keep your children safe. 

There are a lot of different ways that you can make your lawn and yard pet friendly.  Staying away from certain plants is important because they are toxic to pets and you should consider the chemicals you use to maintain your garden.  Using a fence to create an area for your pets is also something you should consider. Contact Ziehler Lawn Care for more ideas!

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