3 Fun Things to Do When Hiking

3 Fun Things to Do When Hiking from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Hiking does not just have to be about exercise, you can have fun too. You can involve the kids and have them exercising as well as playing games in the outdoor space. If you have a small back garden and your nearest park or recreational area is just a bit too far away for regular visits, they will love hiking with a twist. The activity will allow them to burn off surplus energy and simply have fun while doing it. Anyone with children will constantly be looking for something to entertain them during vacation times, in particular, and imaginative hiking is an ideal activity for this.

So, let us find out about a hiking treasure hunt we could go on and then think of other ways that hiking can become more than a hike, and involve the whole family.

Hiking Treasure Hunt

You might describe your hiking treasure hunt as something of a scavenger hunt. You could have a list of items for your children to find during your hike, through exploring the outdoor space, and then perhaps have a final item in mind as the treasure.

Objects that would be suitable for a child to find might include a tree, or specific varieties of tree known to be found at your location, a certain flower, a stick, a particular insect, or any part of nature. The objects looked for could be geared to the age of the child and make for both fun and educational experiences, as you will have a fun and informative story for each object found. It will require planning or arranging, of course, but that will all be worth it to see the smile on their faces as they become competitive siblings and try and locate everything on your list.

Dog Hiking

Why not take your dog with you on a hike? It will be the perfect exercise for both of you. Dogs love walking and you can both be benefitting in every sense. It is healthy to breathe in the air of the country rather than that of the city or area polluted by the exhaust fumes of cars and other traffic. It is not as if we are all in electric cars yet, so hiking at the moment is an important activity as it can allow us to breathe healthy air as we exercise. There is no point taking away the benefit of exercise by then breathing in unhealthy fumes as we do it.

As more of a workout, hiking is not just about the body, as there is scientific evidence that your mind benefits from the activity too. It certainly helps us to relax. It will help a dog that is bored enough to behave so badly that it chews everything in sight. Scientific studies with humans have shown that exercise will sharpen the mind and our thinking. Also, it can help us with concentration. The fitness side, too, will just make every task easier and less arduous to perform. Hiking, or an extended walk on more challenging terrain, will keep everything functioning properly and help keep us younger for longer. Otherwise, every birthday might seem like a dog year in that it ages us by seven years.


Why not consider where you are hiking, rather than think of it as just an open space where there is nice air to breathe. We can take in the sights while enjoying the more rural climbs. There might be a famous monument, castle, or old building we can head towards for our interest. It can be our purpose for hiking that distance, which is, at the same time, benefitting us in terms of our cardiovascular health. We could again get the children and our dog involved in the activity. A hike can become a multipurpose activity that has a purpose beyond health and enjoyment. It can be educational and rewarding for adults and children alike.

So, three ideas here that will make your hiking trip even more enjoyable. We have the treasure or scavenger hunt during which objects are looked for by children who might find just walking not that exciting. Alternatively, involve your pet dog, and have them hike with you. They will love the change of environment and will sniff everything as they go. Make sure that you do not give them too big a meal before they start, though. Unlike a human who functions better on a full stomach, your dog will benefit from you spreading their meals out that day.

To conclude, pick your location carefully so that you can enjoy some interesting and historical sights during your hike. Choosing the right location will please your dog or make your treasure hunt more interesting.

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