6 Apps Everyone Who Loves to Bake Needs to Download

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If you can bake a cake from scratch, make a flawlessly golden-brown pie crust, or whip up the world’s smoothest buttercream icing, then up your baking game by downloading a few of these apps. Whether you need to increase or decrease recipes, learn new cake decorating techniques, or simply want to find new recipes to try, your best baking resources aren’t in cookbooks anymore but in apps.




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You know how to work baker’s percentages, right? If you don’t, you’re about to learn. The Baker app, which is free to download on Google Play and offers in-app purchases, is a specialized baking app that makes it easy to bake your favorite recipes. You can save recipes and have the app turn them into percentages, which means they’re scalable! Need two-and-a-half times a muffin recipe? The Baker app is your best friend. Baker also lets you download new recipes from famous chefs, modify ingredients, and change measurements from imperial to metric.

Paprika Recipe Manager



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For $4.99 in the Apple store and on Google Play, you can buy the Paprika Recipe Manager. It allows you to input and save your favorite recipes, download recipes from the internet, and grab recipe information from your favorite websites. What really makes the Paprika Recipe Manager stand out is how it works with you in the kitchen. Say you’re baking two types of cookie at once: You can set multiple timers, cross off ingredients as you add them to the dough, and pin the recipes for easy switching. Plus, it’ll make you a shopping list based on what you’re baking!

Wilton Cake Ideas and More


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If you love to bake, then you already know that Wilton is many people’s go-to for recipes, instructions, and ideas. Now the Wilton app, which is free for iOS and Android, lets you browse more than 3,500 photos of gorgeous baked goods. Find great recipes with search filters, or put the app in decorate mode to turn a smartphone such as the LG G4, into a decorating how-to guide so that you can follow decorating instructions as you try them! With the G4’s large HD display and a reliable network like T-Mobile’s, it makes the perfect baking companion.

Bake My Day


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Hone your bread-making game with the Bake My Day app. This specialized app, available free in the Google Play store, is a baker’s percentage calculator specifically designed for making bread. It’ll calculate a simple bread recipe for you or let you tweak the recipe yourself. The app also lets you design recipes with or without pre-ferments, and it gives you a bread profile for the recipe you’re creating. Bake My Day is still in development, and its makers promise more features with future updates!

Food Network in the Kitchen

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Download the free Food Network in the Kitchen app on iOS or Android to get tons of fun Food Network content and features. Celebrity chef recipes and how-to videos by favorites such as Giada De Laurentiis and Rachael Ray are there to help you up your baking game as you learn to craft new sweet treats. Save your favorite recipes in the app and return to them later. Each month, discover more fantastic recipes to an already extensive library. Plus, the app will tell you what’s showing on the Food Network right now in case you want to cook along with the television the old-fashioned way.

7000 Baking Recipes


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What will you do with 7,000 baking recipes? This simple, helpful app makes it possible to bake something new every day for years. The interface allows you to filter your search many ways, including by ingredients and keywords. You can save your favorite recipes in the app, and the interface also offers measurement conversions and a built-in timer so that you won’t have to navigate away from your recipe as you’re baking.

Nobody you know will be sorry that you downloaded some new baking apps. After all, you’ll need to try a lot of the recipes you come across, right? And that will mean sharing baked goods among your friends and family. So get downloading, get to the store, and preheat that oven!

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